Me and My Peeps

As most of you know, I am single with no children. Although I count my furry one Bailey as being my baby, since my rescue mutt is the sweetest thing and she brings so much joy to my life. If you don't like animals, you probably won't like my blog much since I share stuff about her and the animal shelter where I volunteer on the Board of Directors. I pretty much just love making people laugh, and I try to show humorous perspectives even on things that aggravate me.

My family is pretty close and we enjoy spending time together. We have a big family and I satisfy the maternal part of myself by cherishing the time I spend with all of my nieces and nephews, and grand-nieces and nephews. We all bond a lot through sports as we are huge Steelers and Penguins fans. Although we all have some different favorites for college football, I think we all agree we are USC Gamecocks!

As of February, 2011, I am officially a dot com person as I have purchased You should still be able to get me through Blogger however, and it will direct you on from there. If you would like to get in touch with me anywhere besides on my blog, feel free to contact me at the places below.



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