Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday's are for playing catch-up

I feel like I can't seem to catch up on anything lately. I am "on time" with my school work, but I really need to get this term finished up early so I can have a bit longer off this time. I am SOOO sick of school!
At work, it's a never ending process of course. I have piles everywhere that seem to never end because people keep throwing things on top of them. Typical, of course. But with the new company owning us now, I'd really like to feel like my head is above water before they come in and start auditing us.

For the animal shelter... Yeah, I have things to do I need to catch up with there, too! I need to get some software bought, and get the financials entered. And I don't even want to THINK about when someone filed the taxes last. Plus, I have a huge event I need to start planning for later in the year.

Finally, my blogging friends... *sigh* I miss being able to keep up with all of your blogs! I am going to try to set aside so much time every day, and I always try to at least read the people's blogs who comment on mine. It's at least giving me a system here. Things will be so much better after June. I just keep telling myself that hoping I'll believe it by the time June gets here.

So I will keep this short and sweet so I can go read some of your blogs while I eat my lunch. One little funny I have to tell you that I ran across... Someone had a slow cooker recipe up for Sloppy Joe's. Okay, I'm sure it's probably delicious, but have you ever thought to yourself, "How the hell could I make Sloppy Joe's even easier than they already are to make? I mean, that 10 or 15 minutes I have to stand over the stove to make them is ridiculous!" Ummm, I don't think so. I bet it takes them longer to put the ingredients in the crock-pot than it takes me to make and eat my Sloppy Joe's. I'm sorry, but there are many things I need made EASIER... not more complicated.

Have a great week, everyone!


Oilfield Trash said...

I know exactly how you feel about being busy all the time.

Abby said...

Deep breath...just remember that you can only do what you can do. At least a lot of your to-dos are things you can take actions to complete. It stinks when a bunch of crap comes up that you have no control over.

Hang in there and delegate if possible. If not, resort to heavy drinking. Kidding ;)

ib said...

Listen too Abby, she has a good head on her shoulders. Drinking is a great go too when life gets wacky but it's the afterwards that stinks.

By the way, sweetheart. I was simply trying to ease your mind in regards to my nuggets. I was replying to your comment. You asked that I would not go a loppin' off a testy. Why I gotta be a bonehead? :O, no you di-ent. :)

Anonymous said...

I've been terrible about keeping up with blogs lately. No worries. We'll catch up eventually... right?

Krissy said...

OT.. And people thought I should have kids? Where would I fit them in? LOL

Abby.. That's true, although some of it I have no control over. I wish I could delegate, but I'm kinda the low man in our department in rank since there aren't many of us. I think I'll resort to the drinking as you suggested.. after work, of course. :)

ib.. Let's not think about the afterwards of my drink therapy. And yes, I did! I love the way you worded that retort. You are a nut, and I'm glad yours are safe. LOL You know, years later I'll stumble across the comment and wonder what the hell we were talking about. Ha!

Krissy said...

Tame One.. I sure hope so! That number in my reader never goes down, dammit.

Average Girl said...

Listen, the last thing you should even worry about, is going and reading other blogs and commenting... You have a life, a busy one that needs your attention.

The rest of us, well, we can just wait!

Take time for yourself lovely Krissy!

Cheers my friend!

Jack said...

I am going to invent a 32 hour day and a 96 hour weekend. Somehow I still won't have enough time but a man can dream.

Al Penwasser said...

So June's gonna help you out?
That's fantastic!
Is she the new housekeeper?

Bouncin' Barb said...

I hope things calm down a bit for you. I am in the same boat on keeping up on the blogs, but I do the best I can. We all understand so that's the best part. Hugs.

becca said...

cute picture that's how i feel most mondays. i to find myself getting behind on blogs but i do try to read everyones blog that i follow i may not always comment but i do at least read them, have a wonderful week

On My Soapbox said...

Sloppy joes in a crock pot? That is ridiculous.

June will come before you know it. :-)

Krissy said...

AG.. Reading your blogs IS time for myself. It's a guilty pleasure I can't help but partake in. You all have me hooked. Cheers back atcha, my friend!

Jack.. You could rule the world if you had that kinda power, especially with the weekend hours! I'm sure we would just try to cram too much into it though and still wouldn't be satisfied.

Al.. I wish! I don't care what her name is, but she'd be a huge help.

Barb.. Yeah, I think we all get sucked into the blogosphere and never seem to catch up. I hope your world calms down a bit, too. You deserve it with all you've had to deal with. Hugs to you too, my friend!

becca.. You are doing better than me, then! This work thing takes up too much of my time, I'm afraid. :)

Soapbox.. I know, right? Sloppy Joes are too easy to make to wait all freaking day for them. I think the cooking time was between 6 and 8 hours. What the..?? I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas when I think of how far away June seems.

A Beer for the Shower said...

I'm overworked too. No rest for the weary. Hang in there!

Pearl said...

But busy is good!



Krissy said...

Beer.. Aren't we all? Welcome to my part of the world! Sorry the first post you read was a bitching one. LOL I have a better one up now. :)

Pearl.. I guess it is in many ways! Same to you as I said to Beer. Welcome! So glad you came by, and I hope you stick around.

Katsidhe said...

Never worry about catching up on my blog, dearest. If you want to know what I wrote about at any given time it's me cursing and being an inappropriate smartass. ;-)

I know the feeling about being so insanely busy. Just remember to breathe. That's always sound advise, yes? ^_^

Nicki said...

We bloggers are pretty good at understanding that sometimes it's just about keeping your head above the water =) And that sloppy joe/slow cooker thing? RIDIC.

Krissy said...

Kat.. Are you kidding? That's exactly why I don't want to miss it! Ahhh, breathing.. It's a never ending process, but something I have to check off my list at the beginning of every day. :)

Nicki.. Amen to that! Which reminds me, I need to head over there while I eat my lunch. :)

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