Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Not really a book review.. more of a gripe session..

Have you ever read a book and wondered, "Why the hell did I just waste those hours of my life? I'll never get those back, dammit!" Well, I bought this book because.. Hello! It has dogs in it, right? Most people who write about animals in their books (from my experience) have a sense of humor and they are fun reads.

NOT this book, and for the love of everything that is my great followers, DO NOT click on the source and buy the damn thing. I'll mail you my copy if you want it that bad. I don't want to give that author any more cha-ching. I didn't want to put the source on there, but I didn't want the copyright police all over me someday.

Anyway.. To begin with, this author obviously has a word-of-the-day calendar on her freaking desk! I read this in paper form before my Kindle so I couldn't look up all the big damn words she decided to put on pretty much every page. I mean you wouldn't believe some of the things she would stick in odd places. I consider myself a pretty well-educated person so I don't normally need to look things up. If nothing else, I can usually figure out what a word means from the context. With her, it was like she just wanted to challenge herself to see how many of these off-the-wall words she could put in there.

My next problem was the storyline. It is supposed to be about a group of people who hang out at the dog park and one of them goes missing. So the others decide to try to find out what happened to her. I thought it was be humorous. NOT! These people were just plain strange, and not in a quirky, fun kinda way either. I wanted them ALL to be missing by the end of the book. And I won't even BEGIN to tell you how freaking stupid the ending of the book was!

In closing on that topic, do not waste your time on this book. A friend at work heard me bitching about it one day so she picked on me like crazy every time she saw me with it after that. I just had to give the author the benefit of the doubt and finish the damn thing. Yeah, I'm that kinda stupid. I just wanted to warn you all since I knew many of you love to read and are animal lovers. Oh, and if you are a writer, this might be a tool of how NOT to write a novel. (I'll feel really bad if the author stumbles onto this post, but maybe she'll change some things in her next novels.)

While we are talking about dumb things, wanna see the wonderfully stupid thing my town did?
Beautiful entrance to an industrial park, right?

Do you know what this expensive little project leads to? Absolutely NOTHING! It is simply an entrance and turnaround to what they hope will someday, maybe, if we pray really hard, industrial park. We have companies leaving our little town, but this is where we'll put our Obama incentive money, by God! Heaven forbid we fix the stinking highway that runs right through the town so I'm not hitting a million holes on the way home every day. I'm so proud that this is where my tax dollars went. Aren't you?

Okay, I'm done with my rants for the day. I have two article critiques to do by tonight, so I better get crackin'.


Oilfield Trash said...

You should not be shocked by that epic waste of money for an industrial park.

I saw a lot of that in Georgia the last couple of times I was there.

J.Day said...

So sorry to hear the book was a bust! I typically wind up feeling that way about a movie. Like the 40 Year Old Virgin. I desperately want those two hours back. Even with newer authors I've been trying, I haven't been too disappointed. Although, Alice Sebold's Almost Moon was a bit freaky. If you'd like a pet book that does have some humor in it, You can try "No Dogs In Heaven?" It's a compilation of stories from a country vet . . . who never intended to BE a country vet. If you were my neighbor, I'd loan it to you. LOL

AmberLaShell said...

Doesn't it suck when you come across something so bad? I would have finished the book too, I always hope it will get better. Oh well, now I know not to buy it!

AmberLaShell Rants

Nicki said...

I have the same "MUST...FINISH...BOOK...EVEN...THOUGH...IT REALLY SUCKS" mentality. As bad as it is....I just have to know HOW bad.

Mrs. Tuna said...

Listen, if I'm not interested by the end of chapter two, I'm out of there.

bruce said...

yeah...i hear ya..

i will not be a popular guy after this comment but...i have lots of opinion-ations (as absolutly primed puts it)

the last book i read that i could not put down even tho i hated it was a harry pothead book...

the third one i think...

i hated all of them and cannot believe that they became popular..her writng is amatureish at best...

like i said i will not be popular with this comment, but it is the first thing that popped into my head when i was reading your post...

becca said...

my problem once i start a book good or bad i have to finish it

THUNDERCAT832 said...

A few months ago, I tried to finish a sucky book only because I paid for the damn thing...I ended up throwing the damn thing out of my car window while on the freeway...also so a car swerve... so it was kind of worth it o.O

Al Penwasser said...

Dog Park...Industrial Park....
All those parks around sounds like you live in Korea.

@Bruce: Don't worry. I've never read a Harry Potter book.

Chief aka Dad http://unsoundreasoning.blogspot.com said...

Typically if the first ten pages don't have me hooked...I'll never get to page 11...there are too many good books out there to waste time on a bad one :-)

Awesome Industrial Park ;-)

Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com said...

Yeah, if I start a book, I need to finish it. I love that you wrote an honest review about a crappy book. Isn't it annoying that some people get paid to publish junk, while so many talented writers go unrecognized?!

Alessandra said...

Thanks for the review, cause that could be a book I would buy, given the dogs on the cover. Don't you love how our fearless leaders spend our money?

On My Soapbox said...

I bet a lot of people bought the book because of the cute picture on the cover. Are they in for an unpleasant surprise!

Don said...

Sounds as if that book was about as worthy of being read as our daily newspaper is here in Montgomery, AL

A Cappelli said...

I'm with Chief ska Dad, if after the first few pages, I am not intrigued- I will give up on it. I have a whole stack of books that I've borrowed from my mother that I've quit reading after the first chapter. I have book commitment issues :-(

lyndylou said...

I have ploughed through a book, wishing it would end but never again! If it doesn't grab my attention by the first couple of chapters then it's binned. Life is too short :)

Jack said...

But it is a lovely sign. ;)

Krissy said...

Blogger would NOT let me log in yesterday, so I wasn't ignoring you fine folks.

OT.. People don't often beat you to being the first comment, do they? :) I love it! It gives me quick validation.

J.Day.. I feel the same about any of his or Will Ferrell's movies. They are stupid not funny, to me. I put the book you suggested on my wish list so I wouldn't forget it.

Amber.. Glad I saved you some coinage.

Nicki.. You, too?! I just can't stand it. I'm glad I'm not alone, and Amber is with us.

Mrs. Tuna.. I wish I could be like you. I mean, I would scream if someone actually tried to make me stop reading it.

Bruce.. I haven't read any of those books, though I know a lot of people who have. I just don't see myself being into them. I haven't really been excited about the movies even.

becca.. Right there with ya! We are sick. LOL

Thundercat.. Girl, you crazy! I couldn't throw a book out of a window. I'm kinda a book hoarder, but not in the you-can't-find-me-in-my-house kinda way.

Krissy said...

Al.. We don't have dog parks in my piddly town, although we pretty much make a park near me a dog park when there aren't others around to ruin our fun. Ya know, those grouchy people who want my dog on a leash!

Chief.. Again, you are my hero. I just can't do it!

Robyn.. I know, right? I entertain people without all those fancy words. Where is my book deal? :)

Alessandra.. Glad I saved you the money, and that's precisely why I wrote that up. I was so mad to find a BAD book about dogs. I bet the author doesn't even have dogs!

Soapbox.. Amen to that! That's why I didn't want any of you to suffer that fate.

Don.. Probably about the same. I should donate it to the shelter to line the cages with.

A Cappelli.. LMAO @ book commitment issues. I guess that makes me book dependent?

Lyndylou.. I just can't do it! I need help.

Jack.. That it is! LOL

Anonymous said...

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