Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday foolishness and a new look!

For those who weren't around last night, I revealed in stages my new look. Go check it out here and enter the giveaway, and I might be giving you a shout-out if you play your cards right. Regardless of whether you enter, come see my site and tell me what you think.

Amy over at This House Gets Crazy at Three O'Clock did the awesome drawings on my header. She does such fabulous work that you should all go follow her blog and keep her in mind for your business needs, too! She is simply amazing! What started as a request for her to draw a picture of Bailey turned into an awesome idea to help us create my new blog.

Amber over at Amber LaShell Rants came up with the wonderful blog design and had the patience to sit through I don't know how many "ummm, I don't know what I want" conversations. This whole thing started because of her innocent Friday night Tweet asking if anyone wanted to be her guinea pig. (That statement always reminds me of the line from Dr. Doolittle where the guinea pig asks Eddie Murphy, "Why do they call me a guinea pig anyway? I'm not French and I'm not pork!" That cracks me up every time!) Anyway, I'm sure she regretted that I was the one who answered her, but I was the one with no life sitting at home Tweeting on a Friday night. Ha! I'm super grateful to her for all of her work, and rework, and she writes a couple of blogs I'm sure will catch your attention.

Now I didn't have too many bizarre things happen this week for my Friday foolishness. But I found this laying behind my desk yesterday.
It's no pot of gold, but it brought a smile to my face on St. Patrick's Day. I'm easy, I know.

The pollen is falling like crazy in our southern state. The hood of my Jeep looks like this every day when I go to leave work.
I'm waiting for the urge to claw my face off to start any day now. I'm surprised it hasn't already. When the hell did this sinus problem start anyway? I never had problems growing up around here. Stupid wildlife!

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. I took Bailey to the river the other night with a friend of mine to introduce her to the water for the first time since the park near my house was packed with teenagers. She walked on the edges of it at first, then she stepped in a deep hole that took her all the way under. She came up with her eyes as big as saucers and it was ON! She was all over that river after that. I was splattered with mud of course, and with my work clothes on no less, but she had an absolute blast. I told Steph we should have brought my iPod to film it. We'll have to do that next time so you all can see her antics. It was hilarious. She's such a water dog that I knew she'd enjoy it. I can't wait to see her reaction to the ocean now. I'll have to do that this summer.

A friend of mine told me the next day to be careful of gators at the river if I go too close to sunset. What the...?? That crap never even crossed my mind! I would be freaking out if Bailey was innocently playing away and a gator snatched her happy ass.
Well, at least it's Friday, folks! This has been a hectic but productive week, for the most part. Have a great weekend, and go enter my giveaway now. I said GO.. What are you waiting for? You're still reading this, aren't you?


Jumble Mash said...

That picture of Bailey is adorable! My Bowen loves loves loves that water. I couldn't keep him out of the pool at our old house.

Love the new look!

Krissy said...

JM.. Amy drew that picture of Bailey! That's what made me fall in love with her. Yeah, Bailey has always enjoyed her kiddie pool. I can imagine how she'd be at a big one! (I came up with a Friday Foolishness button after you stopped by, btw.) I'm so glad you like the new look!

Bouncin' Barb said...

It is true about the gators. When we lived in Charleston they were everywhere. Ponds, rivers, all water. We used to see them all over the place. So yes, be careful.

Oilfield Trash said...

The pollen has turned my green car even more green. Can't the damn tree sperm be a little more selective in where it falls.

Jack said...

Those gators best stay away from me or they'll be belts and shoes.

That's not something that I have to worry about here- pretty crazy.

John McElveen said...

OK--I gave you some Linky Love and posted your button! Have a great weekend...and break a leg with the New Look!


Average Girl said...

CHICKALET!!!! This maybe my second comment, the first one disappeared on me. However with that said, I so love the new look... It's fantastic!

And personally, I think you should call your followers:

The Zodiak Zoo Crew

Cheers darlin
Have a wonderful weekend!

Krissy said...

Barb.. I guess I just didn't think about them in our little cove, but I know they are everywhere around here. We used to see them in Sumter in Manchester Forest, too.

OT.. I want to claw my face off because of the pollen tonight. You would think with the wind blowing it wouldn't all have to settle on vehicles. Stupid nature!

Jack.. I would have to get you to make a pair of shoes out of any gator who got Bailey!

John.. Thanks! Have a great weekend.

AG.. CHIQUITITA!!!! Thank you so much! Not many have commented on it so they are either in their Readers or I was beginning to think they didn't like it. :( (I am biting my tongue not to comment on your suggestion! I will later, even though I'll have to remember you commented here instead of on the giveaway post.) Cheers, girlfriend! I was so tickled to see you around. Have a great weekend!

becca said...

Wow this is an awesome post

Alessandra said...

Really like the new look. I tried to copy your button yesterday, but wasn't successful, I'll try again. I love Bailey's photo, but be careful with the gators, they'll think she's lunch meat. I don't have to worry about that here, not that the chis get within a mile of the water..

The Reckmonster said...

LOVE the new look, mamasita! Super cute! I'm always afraid to take my little doxie near any body of water. She LOOKS like an appetizer (those little weenies you put in the crock pot with bbq sauce...yeah, that's what I'm thinking she might look like to some wildlife!!).

Katsidhe said...

Oh I want to see Bailey playing in the river so much! I'll bet she was adorable. ^_^

The new layout is brilliant, darling. Your ladies did a stellar job here.~

Krissy said...

becca.. Thanks!

Alessandra.. Sometimes I've found I have trouble getting the buttons, too. I'll definitely watch Bailey and the gators now!

Reckmonster.. Thank you so much, Chickie! No weenies for wildlife in our families, dammit! :)

Kat.. I'll be sure to get it on video next time. She had an absolute blast! I'm so glad you like the new look. :) Mwah!

Cake Betch said...

You know I went for years without every having any allergy problems and then suddenly my face was swelling up. It was awful. I feel your pain.

Also, I need to get my dog out into some water. I bet it would tire his dumb ass out faster :-)

Krissy said...

Cake Betch.. I was the same way. I didn't have sinus problems until about 10 years ago. Playing in water will definitely tire your dog out if he's anything like Bailey. She loves it! She came home, got a bath, and crashed.

Anonymous said...

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