Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Come join the shout-out party, and find out your new name!

Now for the moment you have all been waiting for... You will officially be named, my wonderful followers, by the end of this blog post. So I have until then to make up my mind for sure, right? Good, because I am still debating between a couple of things, and I don't know how to handle it.

I figured I would go ahead and pimp out... I mean, give a shout-out to everyone who participated in the contest and/or decided to steal my fancy new button. Since your responses and suggestions were so great, I'm putting them all here for everyone's enjoyment. Feel free to comment and give us all a link to your blog even if I didn't link you up here so you can join in on finding some new blogging friends.

Cinderita from The Adventures of Cinderita: Fellow bullshitters (She was worried that was wrong? Not with this crew!)

Amy from This House Gets Crazy at Three O'Clock: Little Lovelies (She did the wonderful drawings on my site, by the way!)

Vicki from Glitter Frog: Bullettes (get it? like bullets but... shit, never mind, she says)

Abby from Abby Has Issues: We could be "calve-aleers" or "bullies" or something with horny in it...

Alessandra from The Life and Times of A. Nighbert: How about Tauries? You know like the Tories only better... Hey, how about Boveeners?

Oilfield Trash from Make Daddy a Sammich: I would say bullshitters but you don't have a dirty mouth. So how about Ballsy Bulls? (Ha! He doesn't think I have a dirty mouth. Tell that to my momma.)

Amber from Amber LaShell Rants and other blogs: Hmmm, maybe Talkers? Is that stupid? I was thinking Bailey Bugs, you know after your dog..but that might be just cause I was looking at a picture when I thought of it. LOL (I thought they were both cute and NOT stupid, by the way! And she did the new design for my blog.)

Yvonne from Writing my life away!: How about "Talkative Readers"?

J.Day from The Ramblings of Charlie Brown: Oh man! I was gonna say "bullshitters"! LOL Oh well, if we stick with the cow thing... um, your "herd"?

ib from The Habitual Hobbit: Krissy's Kurmudgeon's  - A curmudgeon is defined as one that dislikes humanities absurdities. But, see what I did? I replaced the (C) with a (K) to fit better with Krissy, cause it's fu... ahh, forget it. I'm suck. (You most definitely aren't suck, and I SERIOUSLY considered this.)

The Adorkable Ditz from The Adorkable Ditz' Missteps: Taurites, Cow Pies, ChatterCows, Literate Bulls...

lyndylou from The Giggle Fest: How about My Little Taureans?

Don (who doesn't write a blog but should and gives many of us mad blog love and encouragement): Name your followers "Beautiful Babes and Horny Jerks." LOL (Virtual hugs and kisses being sent your way at your request, Don.)

becca from My Life: I like the name Scoobies, or bullpen.

AbsolutelyPrimed from Over Developed, Under Exposed: Hmmmm... Bull Chasers? Running with the Bull?

The Tame One from Thoughts of an Oxymoron: Taureans! Well, except I'm a Scorp, but still. Either way, I'm your bullshitter baby. ;-) (And I love that you are, girl!)

John from Full-On Forward: Total BSFrom... or BuckOff.. How about Matadorians, or Bullfighters..

Emily from Shut Up and Smile: hmmmmm how about your pitbulls. I know it's a dog.. but I think it sounds cool. (So did I!)

Canadian Blogger Girl: Still sticking with your Zodiacs for the name of ur peeps. (She is in the process of moving, but you'll love her when she comes back if you don't already follow her.)

Kat from Tapetum Lucidum: Well naturally you know that I like Rita's "The Bullshitters." ;-) Members of the Bull Pen? Since a Taurus=Bull, Pen=writing, and it's... I'm overexplaining, aren't I? I'm so sleeeeepyyy... (I thought that explanation made it so much cooler!)

Patty from Patty Punker: Toros!

Now, before I reveal the winner that I have not listed yet, I want you all to know I LOVED all of your suggestions. It was very hard for me to choose, and I honestly needed the extra day to make up my mind on a couple of things. But I won't stall anymore... The winner came from...

Average Girl from It's an Average Life (and other great blogs!): THE ZODIAC ZOO CREW

I absolutely fell in love with that one as soon as I read it! Though it incorporates what CBG suggested with the Zodiacs, I think expanding it to The Zodiac Zoo Crew means I will actually call you my Animals for short. I hope you all like it because you are stuck with it now. I thought you all being Animals was kind of fitting since many people give me praise on their blogs for being such an animal lover, and you all know I love you all to pieces!

So there ya go, my Animals. (AG, let me know what website you want your $25 gift certificate from, and I'll be sending it your way.) Thanks so much for all of the help, everyone! And for those who didn't participate, don't forget to give us your link in the comments so others can find you, too.

Update: Since AG is a woman after my own heart, she has chosen for me to donate the money instead to my local shelter. Because she was so generous to give up her shopping trip so readily for something I hold dear, I've chosen to double it. We just saved some puppies and kittens, people!


Average Girl said...

*happy dance happy dance happy dance*

Well I am totally thrilled that I won and you know me, I love love love love to shop. Tis my favourite hobby you know. I would be every so slightly more thrilled if you donate that 25 buckaroos to your local spca shelter. How about that darlin! That would make me ridiculously happy!

Cheers lovely one

Krissy said...

AG.. Were you stalking the blog waiting for the announcement? LOL Girl, this is exactly why I love you so much! And since you are a woman after my own heart and I am the Treasurer for our pitiful animal shelter in town, I'll double that donation in your honor! How about them apples?! Thanks so much, chickie!

Katsidhe said...

Congratulations, AG! I love it! And I love that I'm one of the animals in your zoo, Krissy love.

Rowr.~ ;-)

lyndylou said...

Great choice!

Cake Betch said...

Lol i couldn't come up with anything entertaining :-)

Oilfield Trash said...

That is a pretty cool name to pick.

Congrats to Average Girl.

A Cappelli said...

Love the name! Congratulations AG! And how awesome that you wanted the money donated.

Average Girl said...

I was stalking you.. mwaaa haaa haaa

Awesome on the doubling of the money darlin!

Good job mi amiga!

becca said...

Bravo and well done of you average girl love the name as well

Underground Dude said...

Sad panda, I missed the competition. AG came up with a doozy of a name though :)

On My Soapbox said...

Yay for donating to the shelter!!

Krissy said...

Kat.. I think you are the main attraction in this zoo sometimes, hon. :)

lyndylou.. Thanks and I'm glad you like it.

Cake Betch.. That's why I put all of you to work for me. :)

OT.. Glad you like it.

Amy.. Isn't she great?! Glad you like the new name.

AG.. Stalk me anytime, babe!

becca.. Thanks!

Underground Dude.. Welcome to my little corner of the world! So glad to have ya. See, you already fit in with the animals, panda. But no sadness around here! We are all about having a good time.

Soapbox.. It's the best thing ever, I think!

Anonymous said...

Hurray! I like the titles. :)

And double hurray for saving puppies and kittens. Awesome.

Krissy said...

Sam.. So glad you like it! Any excuse to help the animals is good with me. :)

Anonymous said...

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