Monday, March 7, 2011

Your regularly scheduled program... is back!

Hello, everyone. Did ya miss me? I'm sorry to all of my regular followers for my absence, and especially to the new ones who came here expecting to be entertained. Last week was a crazy ass week! I felt kinda like this all week, both at work and at home.
Our company has been bought by a much bigger one so we have been making sure we have all of our programs up to snuff for their coming audits. Last Monday was the first day under the new company so it was a crazy time around these parts. I'm optimistic about the new company since my boss tells me that getting my degree might help me advance more with the new owners, but we'll see. I'm glad I'll be finishing my degree in June since we have no idea how our education assistance and other benefits will be yet.

For those of you who saw my one pitiful post last week, I don't think the new dog is going to work out. I told the lady I got her from that I didn't want to inherit someone else's problem. Well, it appears that's exactly what they were trying to make me do, so she is going back to them after work today.

This dog is supposed to be a year and a half old. She had 3 accidents in the house just on Saturday. I've caught her chewing on things, mainly my Dooney & Bourke pocketbook! What the hell? She had toys and bones laying around for her to play with, but she decided my purse and my textbooks would be good chew toys. I'm sorry but I'm not having that. If I wanted to deal with that kind of thing, I would have gotten a puppy.
I was simply trying to help out someone who wanted to find a home for a pet they didn't have time for anymore. I didn't even feel right trying to find a home for her since I couldn't honestly give the dog to someone else knowing she has issues. I feel bad for Bailey because she was enjoying playing with her, but with everything I have going on I don't have the time or patience for all of that kind of trouble. I swear I wanted to strangle the little thing Saturday night, and I don't normally feel that way about any dog. But she squatted right in front of me to relieve herself on my living room rug without ever going anywhere near the door! I wish I had gotten a picture of Bailey's face because she looked as stunned as I was.

So I guess it'll just be me and Bailey for now. I don't mind making time to play with my baby girl, and she knows how to entertain herself with a bone or other toys when I need time to do things. I need to start exercising again anyway, so it will be good for both of us.

As you can see, I just didn't have time last week to keep up with the blog or your posts. I'll be trying to catch up this week, but I definitely won't leave you all hanging without reading material like that again if I can help it. I am up to 80 followers now! I'm hoping 100 isn't too far down the road, and for that I can't be a slacker. I love having you all here as much as I enjoy reading your blogs.
Unfortunately, that's how my intentions feel lately since you all are so great at writing in your blogs. I'll be back to entertaining you all on a regular basis once Bailey and I get our house back to normal... which should be tonight!


Oilfield Trash said...

Well at least you are busy for a good reason.

A Cappelli said...

I can totally imagine Bailey's look when the other dog peed on the living room rug. Our Ruby used to flash that same expression at our "late" dog, Oscar, when he was in his last year- barking at fuzz on the rug. It was like," Seriously? You aren't really doing that?!" By the way, I would love to draw a picture of Bailey someday.

Krissy said...

OT.. That's very true! I keep telling myself to just get through June.

A Cappelli.. I would LOVE that! I can't find your email address on your blog, but if you want to email me at I can send you some of my favorite pics of her and you can see what you want to work with. The look on her face was definitely priceless when Bristol did that. You nailed it with the "Seriously?" comment. Welcome to my corner of the world, btw!

Bouncin' Barb said...

It's a roller coaster ride on my blog. Some days it's a blog a day and then 2 or 3 days go by. Depends on how life is going for us I guess. No worries. Your life comes first.

middle child said...

Your beautiful purse??? I love animals, big time. But in this case and all things considered-I would have given this dog a quarter, packed him a lunch and dropped him off in the woods!!!!!!

Jack said...

Dogs can be a lot of fun, but there are moments where....

becca said...

welcome back missed you

ib said...


You know, some people have jobs that don't require you to work much. I NEED blogs. They keep me sane.

Krissy said...

Barb.. I've just never gone that long without posting since I started, I don't think. As much as I'm behind on my reader, I'm looking forward to catching up with you all.

middle child.. I know, right? I don't spend money like that on purses so Mom had bought me that one. I was sooooo pissed. I thought I showed restraint by keeping her alive and happy until I dropped her off today.

Jack.. Exactly! If I seriously wanted that kind of trouble, I would have gotten another puppy to train right. Welcome to my blog, btw!

becca.. Missed you too! I'll try to do better.

ib.. I'm so sorry to have toyed with your sanity! That was never my intention since I know you are on the edge at times anyway. :)

AmberLaShell said...

That's okay,, I can't get to my email at work anymore, so I will work more on your site when I get home. It's coming along great!

bruce said...

missed ya but i hear ya too....

i have no life so it is easy for me to blog and comment...

altho' it is getting close to fishing season and then my blogs will just be pics of tucker and i in the boat...

life is what happens between blogs...

Krissy said...

Amber.. I'm so thrilled with what you have done so far! I appreciate it so much.

bruce.. Missed you, too! Your pictures and posts of you and Tucker are entertaining enough for me anyway. And I think life is what happens to help us create our blogs! Although the work stuff gets in the way sometimes. :)

Abby said...

The neat thing about blogging is that it should be an entertaining option, not an obligation. Despite our best efforts, sometimes life gets in the way. ;)

I just stumbled upon your blog and saw animals and wit--the two keys to success in my eyes. I look forward to reading more--whenever it is you can write.

Al Penwasser said...

Your dog had three accidents? Why'd you let her drive the car?
Welcome back! Never had a chance to really meet you until now.

Krissy said...

Abby.. I agree that animals and wit are two awesome things so I'm glad those brought you here! They keep me sane, even when life gets in the way. I'm sure some of my past posts would amuse you, too.

On My Soapbox said...

Bummer about the pup, but you did the right thing. She needs a home where they have loads of time to retrain her.

Hang on through the new-company-owners transition! Glad to hear your degree is almost done, too. said...

Sounds like you've got some good things going on. It's good to see you back. I was out of the loop too, but I still missed you.

Krissy said...

Al.. What can I say? I like to live on the edge like that. Thanks, and welcome to my blog! I've seen you around other places so I'm glad to get to meet you on my turf now.

Soapbox.. Yeah, it was best for her and us. The new company thing is going to be a challenge, I'm sure. But hopefully, it will be a good thing.

Robyn.. You've been pretty busy too, I'm sure! Missed ya.

Katsidhe said...

Aww, I'm sorry that the new dog isn't going to work out. Though the image of Bailey's shocked expression did make me laugh. ^_^

Krissy said...

Kat.. It would have made me laugh too if I hadn't been ready to strangle the other dog. It gave me a smile later though, which I knew you all would love.

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