Monday, March 28, 2011

Seeing red.. like any good Taurus will on occasion

There are some things that just irritate me to no end and make me see red. Let's see. I'm sure I can come up with at least 5 of these for your enjoyment on a Monday.

#1 - For instance, the idiot who drove up behind me in the pouring rain this morning with no lights on planning to blow my doors off when I couldn't even see him coming. Yes, the little man who did that in his dark green Honda this morning needs to be taken out into the swamp and beaten. You know why this is a big deal? Because that's the same type of moron who gets people killed in our little town all the time because they do something stupid on a highway that runs straight through town where people are going 65+ mph. And you know someone else would get blamed for the accident that idiot would cause.

#2 - Those damn twist ties that are on everything when you open the packages, especially on toys. What. the. hell! We did not have those damn things secured in there like that when we were growing up. You could just pop things out of the box and start playing, dammit! Am I right, or am I delusional in my flashbacks all of a sudden?

I do NOT remember opening packages to see this when I was young. I remember lots of tape, but tape that even I could break. Do we really need all of that crap in there? I know at Christmas and birthdays most of the kids have lost interest and moved on to something else by the time you can get their toys out of the box. Whoever invented that stuff needs to be whipped with a whole roll of those ties. Am I clear about my true feelings on those things yet? Are ya sure?

#3 - My team losing the Super Bowl.. or Stanley Cup... Okay, my team losing at all! Is that better? My family takes sports very seriously as you saw some of during football season. So it irritates me when we are let down with a loss, although I know we can't win them all (though I wouldn't say that too close to any of my family members).

#4 - As I mentioned, it's Monday. So a list of irritating things would not be complete without putting "mornings" on the list. I really don't like getting up early, and I hate alarm clocks even more. If I could have a job where I could go in whenever I rolled my happy ass out of bed, I would be thrilled. I really need to get working on a novel so I can become famous and set my own hours. That could happen, right? RIGHT?!!

#5 - People who want to argue over stupid things. One of the guys at work was emailing me and another guy back and forth about something that we all agreed on in the first email. Hello! We are agreeing with you, ya nut. Now either come back with something fun to talk about or press on with life.

If you hadn't noticed by now, "red" is the prompt for Studio30+ this week. Come join us and post your link on the website so we can all enjoy them.

For those who are new around here, you do NOT make me see red, and I'm so glad to have you around these parts. Feel free to give me a nudge if I haven't checked out your blog yet. Sometimes I overlook people even if I thought I was already following you.

I finally got Sister #3 to check out my blog Friday night. She sounded shocked that I was funny. How rude, right? Of course, I'm a hoot. At least in my mind, most of it sounds funny as hell. If you don't think so, then it must be you and not me.

Have a great week, folks! I'll announce the winner of my giveaway tomorrow since I forgot until just this moment that I was supposed to do that today.


The Simple Dude said...

I'm with you on just about all of these - particular the sports related ones.

Here in Minnesota we're doomed when it comes to sports - as proven by Brett Favre spending more time texting pics of his weenie then trying to avoid throwing interceptions during NFC championship games.


Oilfield Trash said...

I agree with you on most of those. Especially "our" sports teams.

Abby said...

Opening Day is Thursday so I took the afternoon off. In addition, Go Wings!

I'm seeing red today because I actually have an idea for the prompt but this "work" thing is getting in the way of my completing a sentence that's not mentally laced with obscenities (except this one, of course.)

Average Girl said...

I'll skip my opinion on sports, since I was a hocky brat (i.e. dragged around to ever freakin practice and game of my brothers)... but I will say that this is torturous (my word for the day) to make us wait yet another moment to find out who won the giveaway, woman!!!!

middle child said...

I am sooo with you on #2 and #4. Mornings are beauiful only if you get to stay up all night and sleep all day. Oh-and not have to work.

Tony Van Helsing said...

Of course you are funny, that's why I'm here. Don't forget to add people who aren't ready to set off immediately when the light changes to green to your list.

becca said...

Amen sister i agree with you on all points

J.Day said...

I agree with all of it! And no, you're not delusional over your flashbacks of how toys used to be packaged. How much would these companies save if they just didn't use to much freaking plastic??

AmberLaShell said...

I whole heartedly agree with mornings, they really crack my ass. that's why I work evenings...

AmberLaShell Rants
AmberLaShell's Naughty Nights

Krissy said...

SD.. As a Pirates fan, I definitely feel for fans of teams that have trouble winning championships. And when you have someone who doesn't seem to care as much as the fans, it's frustrating as hell.

OT.. We are spoiled, but our boys have earned that for us. :)

Abby.. Okay, we have to disagree on hockey teams, but I still love ya. Damn that work thing getting in the way of you enlightening us!

AG.. I have to keep you all on your toes and checking back, don't I? Honestly, when I was looking back through them I have a dilemma. I love so many of them!

middle child.. Amen to that! I am such a night owl.

Tony.. Awwww, thanks! That was definitely not a complete list, but those people should be on it, too.

becca.. Glad you agree.

J.Day.. I'm glad you verified that for me. It just makes no sense.

Amber.. I can understand that though I hate not being home for my favorite part of the day.. the evening! Catch 22, I guess.

Katsidhe said...

Those bloody twisty ties piss me off when I have to re-do them on the loaf of bread every fucking time I close it! Argh!

*destroys the loaf of bread in rage*

Do you think that I might be reacting too strongly to their annoyance?

bruce said...

lately i have been practicing anger moderation...

but the cup playoffs haven't started yet...

and i am still mondays are still the neverending weekend

Krissy said...

Kat.. Not at all, dear... although now you will have no bread. :) Just tell us how you really feel!

Bruce.. I think taking Mondays out of the equation help you a lot right there, but that's just me. :) The Cup playoffs will not help my blood pressure, I'm sure.

Nicki said...


People without a hatred of twist ties don't understand why Amazon's "Frustration free" packaging is such a selling point. I order a phone charger. I get a box. I open the box. There's the phone charger. No stupid sharp plastic or ties or chains or mattress tags or ANYTHING KEEPING ME FROM USING MY NEW PHONE CHARGER RIGHT AWAY.

Krissy said...

Nicki.. I love when I get you riled about something. It makes me smile... real big! Now.. Wait.. what? "Frustration free" packaging???? I must go discover this wonder for myself and I order from Amazon ALL the time!

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about mornings haha.


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