Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Whose reality is this?

There are many things in this world that make me wonder about people. I don't watch many reality shows because for the most part I think they are stupid. For some reason, I decided to watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last season, and before I knew it I couldn't turn away. Now I know why some people can't stop themselves when it comes to this crap. It's addicting to watch these train wrecks continue! (Read what I wrote about some of last season here.)
Right now, they are done with the second season and stirring everything up on the reunion episodes. It actually looks like they are causing more hurt feelings than there were in the season. What kills me is when they all say that Russell never showed signs of abuse in front of them. (For those who don't watch, he's the reality star who committed suicide last year, and it was revealed that he had been beating his wife, Taylor.) Really?... Seriously?.. I noticed in the first season when Taylor Armstrong was at events that he was all about controlling the situation and making sure she had NO fun at all. He was especially big about going against what she wanted and making her leave before she was ready. Did this not give anyone hints? And that Brandi person? Oh, I just won't even waste blog space on that crazy wench.

Anyway, I got so tickled watching the Beverly Hills women in all their insane glory that I thought I'd check out the Real Housewives of Atlanta which is just starting its new season. Holy crap, those women are involved in even more drama! Someone please put on some regular TV and quit with these reruns lately so I can claw my way out of this reality drama!!
Seriously??? (Source)
I will say the only reality show I have watched religiously is Big Brother. Although I get a bit aggravated that they are getting dumber and dumber contestants while thinking all we want to see is hot bodies. Not that I will deny having eye candy on the show deters me from watching it. Just sayin'.... I just wish they would go back to the original format where EVERYONE got to vote and they got to see everything that was done in the house before making a decision. This "jury" thing is for the birds.
So what reality shows do you all watch, if any? Why do you like them? Has this "so-called" reality stuff ruined TV for the rest of us?


Miley said...

Oh, so THAT's where you've been... all addicted to reality tv!

I don't like reality tv other than the occasional sick-day Judge Judy or whatever. I did watch one season of Survivor (randomly) because someone I knew back in high school was on it. Otherwise, my form of reality tv is college football. Oh, but don't think that means I give a crap about the media attention to any of the individual players. I just wanna see the game, root for my team and have a good time.

Tony Van Helsing said...

I try to avoid them but am hooked on The Biggest Loser.

laughingmom said...

I've gotten stuck on shows like "Pawn Stars" and "American Pickers". Maybe I just like the idea of coming across some cool rare find for myself!

Nicki said...

I am a Top Chef FANATIC.

Krissy said...

Miley.... Ummm, noooo.. That's not where I have been. Sadly, I haven't been many places. So glad to see ya again, and that you could be trained to come back... occasionally. :-)

Tony.. I watched part of one season of that, but it always seems to be opposite other stuff I watch.

laughingmom.. Well, you must have discovered some shows because I haven't heard of them. Maybe I should check them out. NOOOO, I really shouldn't.. But I should follow my followers, right? Crap!

Nicki.. Oh, I have watched the last couple of Hell's Kitchen seasons. I forgot about that. I haven't watched Top Chef though.

Jack said...

I watch Survivor.

J.Day said...

Ghost Hunters. And oddly enough, if I come across it, Wife Swap or those Super Nanny shows. But those last two I don't seek out; I only watch if there's nothing else on and I'm bored. But I love Ghost Hunters!

Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

oy, oy, oy... The Real Housewives?

I am all for crappy tv, but I don't get the reality thing at all. I will watch comedies, good and bad, over and over, and am currently hooked on Revenge, not to mention my beloved The Good Wife, and NCIS, and and and....

Yep I watch too much...

Yvonne said...

Hmm, I dunno, I myself can't stand to watch those shows! lol

StephanieC said...

Yeah... um... I'm addicted to Storage Wars.

Me and the Hubs even watch reruns.


I need to get out more.

Vinny C said...

Reality TV? What reality TV? I wasn't watching that stuff! Who have you been talking to? It-it was my wife. She was watching it. Not me! I was just keeping her company. That's all!

Krissy said...

Jack.. I think that's the original so it must have something to have lasted this long.

J.Day.. I haven't watched Ghost Hunters. I like the Celebrity Wife Swap, but I don't think I've watched the regular one.

Brahm.. I love Revenge and The Good Wife, too. I am such a TV junkie!

Yvonne.. Good for you! I just can't help myself when I'm desperate for something to watch.

Stephanie.. My mom watches that one all the time. And hey, if it's a show you like, what's wrong with reruns? I could watch old Law & Order episodes until I turn purple.

Vinny.. Uh huh. Denial won't get you anywhere around here, buddy. :)

Stephanie said...

The one reality show that I am truly addicted to is the Amazing Race. Oh how I would love to go on that show! (um accept I'm way too out of shape to run and I'm sure Hubs and I would fight! LOL)

PS thanks for your thoughtful comment on my blog. I left u a comment back bc I couldnt fins a way to email you!

Fred said...

My favorite reality show is when Snoopy fights that folding chair in "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving". I could watch that all day. said...

I tend to stay away from reality TV. The closest I get will be watching Wipeout with my drinking buddies.

In my opinion, Doctor Who is more realistic than most of the reality TV out there...

The Tom said...

I accidentally watched an episode of Judge tony or something like that? At the gym. Even with no sound it hurt my brain.
If I watch TV, its mostly BBC. No reality TV on purpose. Ever

Daydream Believer said...

LOVE The Real Housewives (especially Bev Hills), Kardashians, Bachelor (hence the weekly update on the show), Toddlers and Tiaras, Dog the Bounty Hunter, anything involving pawning....basically, if it's "reality", I'll watch it.

Krissy said...

Stephanie.. If Amazing Race had been on when I was younger, I sooo would have kicked butt on that show with my Dad! Thanks for stopping by!

Fred.. That's the kind of reality I can handle. :) Snoopy rocks!

Idaho.. Wipeout can definitely be hilarious, especially because of the comments those guys make. I haven't watched Doctor Who.

Tom.. Having a hurting brain while working out kinda takes away from the whole "good for you" thing, huh?

Daydream Believer.. Wow, you are definitely a reality fool! That's ironic with the name of your blog. :-)

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