Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Foolishness - 2/3/12 edition

For those who are new around here, on Fridays I like to do Friday Foolishness. It's basically a post for me to mention some crazy random thoughts I've had over the course of the week... Or in this case, several weeks since I haven't done this kind of post in a while. In case you missed it, I gave you a taste of the type of thing that's involved last night when a guy at McDonald's really got under my skin. It's a quick read so check it out here...  Go on and I'll wait for ya. I have to mix up some cocktails for this evening anyway.

Speaking of cocktails, my frickin' ice maker is possessed. Possessed, I tell ya! Some days it works just fine. Then it will give up on life for a couple of days like it forgot what it was supposed to be doing. You're a frickin' ICE MAKER! You only have ONE job. You would think you'd have it perfected. How am I supposed to make these.... ?
Without these....??
Call me crazy, but I can't stand a warm drink! Even wine.. It has to be well chilled for me. I almost had to kill the fridge last week when it stopped working on Friday. Seriously? Friday night?! Ugh!

On another note, I was watching the top 50 country videos of the 2011 year. "Red Solo Cup" made the cut. Really? Now, I'll admit the song and video are kinda cute, but there weren't 50 videos better than that this year? That makes for a sad year in music. For those who have no clue what I'm talking about, here's a link.

I got a kick out of my neighbor the other night. His daughter got a dog that looks something like this...
She's probably 3 or 4 pounds of little "yip yip." I think Bailey is convinced she's a squirrel or something because she acts like she wants to kill her ever time we see her outside. Anywaaaaaaayyyy... I see the big, tough guy neighbor outside with the puppy in the yard one night trying to get her to come back inside. He keeps going, "Hey!.. Come here!" I just had to laugh because I knew he was doing everything he could NOT to call this dog by her name, and I said as much to him. The reason being... The dog has the unlucky honor of being named Sparkles! Now why would anyone let their daughter do that to the poor dog? I mean, I'm not a teeny dog type of person, but even I know that is just asking for the dog to get her ass kicked at the dog park.

So of course, I had to point it out to him.

Me (chuckling): You just can't bring yourself to call that dog by her name, can you?
Tough neighbor guy: (nervous chuckle) Uhhh... Yeah. If she would just listen...
Me: Well, either change her name or get used to her not listening. Because if you don't use her name, she's never going to mind you.
Tough neighbor guy: (miserable look on his face as he looks down at the dog) Yeah, I guess you're right.
Me: So you'd rather her just not listen, right?
Tough neighbor guy: Something like that..

We both laughed and went back inside. I don't blame him. I don't think I could call the little thing Sparkles either!

So is it drink thirty yet? I've had so much fun coming back to the bloggy world this week. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

24 comments: said...


I had a chihuahua once. He picked a fight with my neighbor's German Shepherd and won... I named him Spike.

He would tear Sparkles to bits...

Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

Red Solo Cup.. hahaha.. i love!

J.Day said...

Of course its drink thirty! Fill up my red solo cup and we can become goooooooood friends. lol

Nicki said...

So wait! Do you put ice in red wine, too? Now I'm intrigued.

Krissy said...

Idaho.. Sounds like Spike rocked! Sparkles.. definitely not so much. I felt sorry for the guy.

Terri.. It's definitely amusing as hell.

J.Day.. I thought we already WERE good friends. :) I'll have the drinks ready about 5:00.

Nicki.. I don't usually put ice in my wine, but sometimes! I can't stand to drink anything warm, and alcohol doesn't stay in my glass long enough for much ice to melt. LOL

Al Penwasser said...

When I got my first apartment with the first Mrs. Penwasser, we had a dog we called, "Come."
Well, it would walk over, but then it would hump my leg.
Wow, an ice-maker that forgets what it's supposed to do!?
You can FORGET about me buying a sex robot from those people!

AmberLaShell said...

I have a little bitty dog. he is a 4 pound chihuahua, but he's got a big touch name..


Missed you!:)

Oh Honestly Erin said...

I never knew Red Solo Cup existed until I heard it on Glee a few weeks ago! I had to google. I know next to nothing about country music but even I'M surprised that it would be in any sort of positive top 50 countdowns!

Roland D. Yeomans said...

I sometimes forget what I walked into one room and have to walk back in the prior room to remember. Does that make me like your ice Maker? :-) May your happy foolishness splash over into all your days, Roland

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A Beer for the Shower said...

My wife has a chihuahua. He's never yipped ever. He's completely silent. I don't understand it.

My other dog is a 10 lb Italian greyhound that loves to pick on the 140 lb golden retriever next door. Toughest little guy I've ever seen.

John McElveen said...

Haaaaaa Haaaaaaaaa-- I can hear it now at the Dog Park....

Stranger: "I Love your dog! What's her name?"

Thanks, she Sparkles! LMAO!!!



Jessica @FoundtheMarbles said...

I love the idea of a big burly man calling for his dog Sparkles! Oh, and drink thirty is my favorite time of day too.

robyn said...

Ha! My neighbor's teeny yippy dog is named Demon. Which I know because they do call him by name - loudly, and repeatedly, because he still doesn't listen.

LceeL said...

I like my wine, chilled. Coffee, hot. Beer, cold - and my women, like my coffee, naked.

Tara R. said...

Sparkles? That is too funny.

I'm with you on the cold drinks. I even like my red wine chilled. I know, that's uncivilized.

(visiting via Blogger Comment Club)

Jennifer said...

Sparkles... you thought that was funny. Just wait until he gives in and starts actually calling the dog by its name.

Kerry said...

Teehheeteeheee! Thank you for the giggle! I love the story about the dog and it's name. My husband hates having to walk our pug- her name is Tinker Belle. His comment usually is that she is not a manly dog therefore he shouldn't have to walk her.

I found your blog through the blog comment club. Thanks for letting me visit!

Anonymous said...

That poor dog. Maybe he is a vampire from Twilight, in which case, the neame fits him like a glove.

Anthony said...

Pretty cool.

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