Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My brave, brave dog

I just realized that I don't think I've written about my dog yet, which is very strange since she means so much to me. Her name is Bailey, and she's a mutt rescued from the shelter. Well, actually she rescued me. When I saw her little speckled face, I just had to have her. Can you blame me?

"I am not nearly as innocent as I look, but don't you love me anyway?"
 Now she is about two years old since we estimate she was born around Thanksgiving, and she is the love of my life. Although she can do things that drive me crazy (what loved one doesn't?), she brings so much joy to my life.

She is the best watch dog ever! She hears and smells and sees things I've never even seen another dog notice. She notices planes up in the sky, for God's sake. One thing I love about her is that she can spot a bug in my house in a second! I hate bugs, so having her point them out to me so I can rid the world of them is just fine with me.

For the past two days, she has been upset that there was a bug on my ceiling. The first time she noticed it, I did actually get on a step stool to check it out because it almost looked like a tick or a beetle from afar. This bug just about drove her to the brink of sanity, especially last night. She ended up hiding under the kitchen table for a while last night from the thing! Yes, my big brave dog was reduced to a cowering baby over THIS!
"I know I didn't put on my makeup today, but what the hell is wrong with that dog?"
A ladybug is such a scary creature, as you all know. As you can imagine, she was driving me crazy about the ladybug. She barked at the thing forever before she finally decided I wasn't going to kill it so she should go hide from it.

I know you're probably thinking, "Why the hell didn't Krissy just kill it?" Well, I'm a superstitious person, and I've always heard that it's good luck to find a ladybug in your house. With the way things have been going in my life, I wasn't about to tempt fate by killing a ladybug!

Eventually, the ladybug was nice enough to fall down and land right on my remote control. So to pacify the watch dog that I could effectively remove the eminent threat myself, I walked over to the door and set the ladybug free.

I know that story kept you on the edge of your seat with anticipation, but I thought I needed to share it. For those who will be MIA for the rest of the week because of the holiday, have a Happy Thanksgiving! I'll be checking in and probably blowing you all away with another heart stopping story like this one.
"I don't care what she says, that story never happened. Do I look like the type to cower from a ladybug? Ha!"


Jumble Mash said...

That's so cute!!!! I love your dog already. My dog tries to eat bugs and it scares me because he even snaps at bees. One of these days he's gonna get stung in the mouth. I just know it.

Bouncin' Barb said...

Oh puppy is so cute. What a great face. I can see why she had you. Cute story too. Thanks.

Krissy said...

@Jumble.. Bailey does that, too. Actually I forgot to put in there that the night before the ladybug actually came down the wall far enough for her to be able to reach it with her nose when she was on the couch. She put her nose right up to it and wouldn't kill it. That ladybug must have had some evil powers or something for her to leave it alone. LOL

@Barb.. Thanks! She had my heart right off the bat.

bruce said...

great heartwarmer...

what a great looking dog!!! good for both of you...

Krissy said...

@Bruce.. I'm a homer and a heartwarmer now. I think those are both supposed to be good, right? I'm being labeled!


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