Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I have been so busy lately that I forgot all about this blog. I have been working and going to school like before, but I am also on the board for our pitiful animal shelter now. Apparently, I am the VP until we have an official vote in February. That could change though since I thought I was the Secretary last week.

We have gotten some good people involved since I signed up, including the Mayor of our little town. I am excited about the prospects even though some who were involved before are afraid we will get frustrated and leave. I have told them I am not going anywhere. I am determined to help some animals find forever homes and hopefully get a better facility built.

Of course, I have always loved animals. Since I had that age crisis earlier this year and wondered what my mark on this world is, working with the shelter has made me feel much better. I want to rescue them all, but I am happy to do what I can. I set up the Facebook page for the shelter, and I try to keep it up to date. I also got us signed up for Petfinder so that is going to help out a lot with other doors that can open. We also got a great opportunity with Rachel Ray's charity, but I will fill you in on that another time. We did a skeet shooting event this past weekend to benefit the animals. We made some pretty good money, and I met some new people who were a lot of fun. I think we did good for our first event.

 I am still in school too, and I just finished the hardest class I have had so far, Toxicology. OMG, that class was head-exploding hard so I definitely earned my A in that course. I have decided to take 3 classes each term so I can hopefully finish in April. I will be so glad to get my degree! Next term starts December 1st so we will see how taking 3 classes is going to work out.

Honestly, as busy as I have been I am enjoying it for the most part. I feel like I have a purpose and I am on a mission or two! Or five.... Anyway! I think I need to keep up the blog a bit better. I will try to do it on my phone if nothing else.(Although after posting this one, I see I need to come on the computer to edit it after posting through my phone. It showed just one continuous paragraph on here, when I put returns in on the phone. *sigh*)


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