Friday, September 24, 2010

Something's wrong with this picture...

I've been meaning to share these for some time. Notice anything wrong?

This picture was shown on an episode of Dateline, I think it was. (I'm a true crime junkie!!) But this was on the outside of an interview room at a police station in Austin during a story they were covering. I swear I need a job as a detail person on some TV show. Details like someone's hair being different two seconds later and hubcaps being missing in a car chase drive me crazy!

And this one is at a store down the street from me. Sorry I couldn't get a better angle for you. The day I wanted to take the picture some idiot decided to park right in front of it! But anyway... These people not only paid for this wonderful banner, they've had it hanging outside for QUITE some time now.

Now, if someone can explain to me why I had to put that picture in rotated for it to get loaded on this post straight, I'll be much less confused than the people who made and hung up these two signs!


Joyce said...

Blogger is being weird because it's in the middle of changing how to edit posts. Until they work all the kinks out, no doubt we'll be seeing some weird stuff happening LOL
These are funny! Sad, scary, but funny ;-)

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