Monday, February 21, 2011

Mom's Adventures on Noah's Ark

It's been a while since I entertained you all with some of the adventures my mother has been through so I thought I would start the week off with that. If you missed the prior stories, you should go check them out to find out what Mom can do with a reindeer and how she likes to hang out on the roof. Everyone seemed to enjoy them, so I figured I needed to spread them out a bit.

By the way, to any new folks who are popping in and/or deciding to stick around, I say, "Howdy!" Okay, I don't normally use that word, but I'm so glad you're here! Feel free to grab a drink at the bar and pull up a seat. Hey, this is a friendly atmosphere around here so once you've been here to visit, you are considered family and you serve yourself.

On with Mom's next adventure... On a trip to Pittsburgh a couple of years ago, Mom and Dad wanted to take me to Kennywood, which is an amusement park not too far from the downtown area. I had never been, at least not that I remembered, and they had such fond memories of the place growing up.

In case you didn't know, I absolutely LOVE amusement parks. I used to hate roller coasters, until my mother taught me the proper way to enjoy scary rides. I'll save that story for another day, but she has always been the Queen of amusement parks. Now that she's getting a bit older, she can't handle the jarring of many of the rides anymore, which is a shame. She used to always tell us if she died on a roller coaster, we would know she went doing what she loved.

So while they are telling me stories of growing up with the occasional trip to Kennywood, I wanted to ride some things. Well, being with just my parents and uncle, there were a few things that I just rode by myself. My uncle suggested we at least go on Noah's Ark together.
Doesn't this ride look petrifying? Dad decided to wait in the shade, and the 3 of us go get into line. As the cut-off's happened for each group to enter, me and Mom ended up the first to get in the elevator which would take us down into the Ark. This would mean we would be the last ones going into the elevator to come back out later.

We walk through looking at all of the animals and things, just a typical, very tame amusement park event. Of course, they have areas where things are triggered as you walk through, but not anything that's really scary. Then we get to this area where there are shaking and moving floors. I guess it's supposed to simulate the rocky seas and landing on the rocks. My uncle goes through first and then me. I stop as soon as I get off of the "bouncing section" to look back and make sure Mom is behind me. I tell her to just come on and not to stop. Of course, she stops, right in the middle of this section!

She ends up getting in a hysterical giggling fit because her boobs are bouncing. She's trying to hold them down with one hand and hold onto the handrail with the other hand. She ends up on her ass, bouncing on this floor, laughing like a crazy person. Now I couldn't reach her without getting on the floor myself, but I was afraid I'd end up stuck right there beside her. Not to mention, I'm laughing my head off at this crazy old woman who could get stuck on Noah's Ark! You know when you are laughing that hard, it's hard to get anything accomplished, especially helping someone up off of the floor.

Luckily, when the rest of the group got to the elevator they noticed they were missing two, so my uncle came back for us. He came around the corner, busted out laughing, and managed to reach my mother to pull her right up and clear to safety. I love that man! You have to know this particular uncle. He's very much the funny man in the family, so he got a huge kick out of this whole situation. Needless to say, Dad got an earful when we came off of this "terrifying" ride, and I don't think we'll be talking Mom into going on any more rides, tame or not.

If you are ever in the Pittsburgh area, you should check out Kennywood. They have some pretty fun stuff, and   a lot of history on the grounds too, including some Revolutionary War stuff.


Katsidhe said...

OMG that was hilarious! I can just see it, too, where you're laughing so hard that you're making the situation worse. ^_^

Jumble Mash said...

I've been to Kennywood every summer since I was like 15. The Fright Nights in October are AWESOME.

And I've been on Noah's Ark like 1,000 times. Never quite had a giggling fit in there though but you know the next time I go in there, I'm gonna be thinking of this exact story.

Bouncin' Barb said...

What a hoot! Fun loving Mom's are awesome.

Oilfield Trash said...

What a riot.

I have never been to Kennywood. Although I have been to Idlewild park in Latrobe a bunch. said...

That sounds like a blast, and very imaginative. I will definitely check that out if I'm ever in Pittsburgh. (I'll put on a sturdy bra first.)

colenic said...

Wow...that was a trip down memory lane....We used to go to Kennywood at least two or three times a year....noah's ark used to be a fun ride that we would go on after we had been drinking a bit....That's awesome...

Krissy said...

Katsidhe.. She wasn't amused about that part later, but at least we were both laughing hard at the time.

JM.. I'm glad I am giving you a humorous vision for the next adventure on the ride.

Barb.. That she is!

OT.. I haven't been there. Glad you enjoyed the story.

Robyn.. A very sturdy bra, especially if you are going to hang out there like Mom did! :)

colenic.. I can imagine it would be a lot more fun intoxicated!

Chief aka Dad said...

Been going to Kennywood since I was a kid!!!

bruce said...

i have never been to kennywood, but my son and i went to the roling rock brewery when we were coming home from MD one year.

the brewery was closed cuz it was sunday, but i bought a pile of RR shwag and my son wore his Rolling rock shirt to class in seventh grade and no one said anything...

guess now beer shirts are a no-no!

fun post as usual!

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becca said...

too cute

tattytiara said...

Oh that was too funny. My mom always said she wanted to die on the swing ride!

Don said...

It's hard to decide which would be the most fun, Noah's Ark or your mom.

Krissy said...

Chief.. My parents had done the same when they were kids. I wish I had been able to do more on that trip.

bruce.. Thanks! I actually think the Rolling Rock plant closed, but I could be wrong.

becca.. Glad you liked it.

tattytiara.. My mom always lived for roller coasters. I love the swings, too! Spinning was always my thing before I learned to enjoy the coasters. And welcome to my blog!

Don.. My mom would definitely be more fun of the two! She adds humor to anything, even the simplest of things.

Anonymous said...

This had me laughing out loud...I totally can sympathize with your mom.

Thanks for the good read!!

Krissy said...

Primed.. I'm glad you enjoyed it and welcome to my blog! I'm excited you decided to stop by, and I hope you stick around.

Don said...

I hope you post more of these humorous tales about your mom. She's such a hoot. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh do I know the humor in bouncing boobs.

The Adorkable Ditz' Missteps

Saberhagen said...

I have very fond memories of Kennywood Park. When I was in school, we had an end of the year event there every year. It was great, made memories that have lasted a lifetime.Thanks for the trip down memory lane. :)


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