Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm afflicted

I have always had problems with my ankles. Pretty much my whole family was blessed with these wonderful ankles that are missing a tendon or something according to the doctors. I even had to have surgery on my foot years ago because a bone decided it wanted to just keep growing and it hurt like hell. I mean, bring me to my knees if something even brushed up against that bone kinda pain. Good times!
Of course, the surgery ended up causing another problem with my ankle that developed while it was in a cast for about 11 weeks. They wanted to do surgery again, and when they told me I'd have to be in a cast that long again, I basically told them where they could shove it. If you've never been on crutches before, it is NOT fun. When you can't even go get yourself something to drink because you can't carry it back to where you were sitting, it gets to be pretty aggravating.

Well, I am pretty sure I have carpal tunnel in both of my wrists because they are pretty much shot. Working on a computer your whole life will accomplish that goal. Although I don't ever remember putting that on my bucket list. The main times that it bothers me is when I have to do something strenuous like trying to use a screwdriver or trying to mix something in a bowl by hand. Having no leverage in the wrist area doesn't help there.
So the day before yesterday, I somehow managed to pinch a nerve in my right hand around my thumb while getting into my car. Don't ask me how I did it. I'm just coordinated that way. Hello?! Have you met me or is this your first visit? I am talented at hurting myself in the oddest ways.

Ever since it happened my thumb and forefinger have a life all of their own. When I have my hand on the mouse, my finger and thumb just jump on their own at strange intervals. It's very strange to look at your hand and see this happening when you just have it laying on the counter. It happened yesterday at a meeting and the woman sitting next to me was looking at me like I was an alien being. It's not like I can help it. Well, not this time! I mean, sometimes I do strange things that make people look at me that way, but this isn't something I could stop doing. I really wish it would quit because it's freaking me out! 

See, I told you I was afflicted! Getting old really sucks. I guess I'm just having one of those days when I'm feeling my age. I really hate it when that happens. So someone make me laugh. M'kay? Is it Super Bowl Sunday yet??? 


Oilfield Trash said...

I have bad ankles as well. I have broken one of them 2 times and the other one 1 time. So yea.

Jumble Mash said...

Aw that sucks!! I'm very afraid I'm going to develop carpal tunnel. I work on a computer all day. I play video games. Play the Bass and of course I text like crazy. It's going to catch up with me, I'm sure.

Bouncin' Barb said...

I've had more surguries by my orthopedic surgeon than I care to count. Pinched nerves, carpal tunnel, knees 3X, broken bones. Between the two of us we've made them very wealthy. said...

Sorry about the aging pains. That stinks. Does it help to know that, come Sunday, you get to watch brawny men run around in their tight fitting uniforms? I hope so.

becca said...

aw i feel bad for you..hugs love the cartoons too cute

The Vegetable Assassin said...

It all sounds pretty painful to me. OUCH! I managed to do something to my left thumb after getting my hand trapped in an exercise bike a few weeks ago (don't even ask) and now that whole hand gets crampy and weird all the time, whenever I use it, which is all the time as I'm left handed. Wouldn't it be nice if "The Body Shop" was a place you could go to get new body parts when necessary? You could get some painless ankles and I could get a new thumb. Yay!

J.Day said...

I once sprained my thumb (yes . . . my thumb) by attempting to turn on a valve. My hand kept going but the valve didn't. I went to the doctor and he just looked at me. And the so-called brace he made for me did diddly squat. CO-pay wasted.

Krissy said...

OT.. I feel your pain, quite literally!

JM.. Enjoy it while you can because I'm sure you'll get it too, unfortunately. I'll tell you the best kind of brace when you get there.

Barb.. Did the carpal tunnel surgery help? Holy cow, woman. You make me feel like I'm just plain whining.

Robyn.. Yes, bring on the brawny bucks.. I mean, men! I'll probably hurt myself at some point during the game.

becca.. Hugs back atcha! Thanks.

Assassin.. I'm a lefty too, so we are the only ones in our right minds. Scary, huh? You KNOW I have to know that story now! I asked the doc who replaced my dad's hips if he could replace my ankles. He said when I got older b/c they are only good for 30 years. So I will finally have pain free ankles when the rest of me is shot to hell? What the...?? I love the Body Shop idea!

J.Day.. I sprained my thumb carrying in groceries once! That thing took forever to heal, and I really think I tore something. I didn't go to the doc though.

lyndylou said...

I feel your pain! I fell on the stairs before christmas and my hand is still so sore :(

Bouncin' Barb said...

It helped tremendously. I typed all day but I attributed it to counting cash for years as a teller. Regardless, cortisone, brace and therapy did nothing. Surgery was great and healed in no time.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. I have bad knees and hips. But more so my left knee after I got hit with MRSA.

I have to wear a brace when I run in the cold because it hurts so bad to move it.

The Reckmonster said...

Jinkies Scoob! You are a hot afflicted mess!! =) I agree 110% - getting older sucks. I have no "war wounds" to tell of, but for some insane reason - I am the human barometer. Whenever we get a bout of crazy weather, I can always tell exactly when the pressure starts to change because my joints (most notably in my hips and knees) start achin' like bacon! I'm afraid that I'll be one of those crouched up old arthritic ladies!

Krissy said...

lyndy.. So sorry to hear about your fall. I swear it takes longer to heal those kinds of things the older we get, plus we don't bounce quite like we used to either!

Barb.. That's good to know if I ever seek the medical attention for it. I'd hate the thought of getting another problem like with my ankle.

Adorkable.. My ankles pop and it's soooo painful when it's cold. Leg warmers are a God send no matter how much out of style they are! I hate to hear someone as young as you has those joint issues though.

Reckmonster.. That's me! Hot afflicted mess. I'm afraid I'll be right beside ya rocking on the porch if that doesn't hurt. Welcome to my blog, btw! I hope you decide to stick around. I posted blonde moments yesterday that everyone seemed to enjoy.

bruce said...

yep...i feel all of your pain that is why i drink and take vicodin.

jus sayin...

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Chief aka Dad said...

Krissy...I am soooooooooo with you! If I had known I was gonna live this long, I would have taken better care of myself when I was young :-) I hope ya feel better soon.

Krissy said...

Bruce... Cheers! I am with ya, buddy.

Chief.. No, you wouldn't have. Cuz, the young us knew more than we do, remember? :) At least I knew this ole body had a good time for the most part!

On My Soapbox said...

I hate crutches, too! Just about threw mine down the stairs. Since I couldn't walk for awhile, I resorted to crawling (with kneepads and gloves) or scooting around on my bum. Of course, that only worked at home....

Jimmy said...

Crutches are not my favorite thing either, broke my left ankle and six weeks turned into six months, really had a few probs with those crutches then, now for my long walks I actually use a set of forearm crutches, they are much easier for me but I still would prefer to do without.

Looking back I remember a time Leaving out of the Doctors office, I was reaching to open the door and a lady jumped up to help, she not only tripped over my crutch but when she turned the door loose it caught the other one, I about got myself killed trying to get out of there, now you have to laugh about that one :)

LottieSpartacus said...

You poor thing. I can totally sympathise - my husband is constantly amazed at the ways I find to injure myself! I jarred my thumb in November last year and still can't use it to open jars or the petrol cap in the car. Just crazy!

John McElveen said...

Crutches are the PITS!! So sorry about the ankles!!!

It was very important to give GREAT CRUTCH instructions to patients--but none of them believed you--then they would come back and say--man --you were right!!

esp--about the stairs!


Canadianbloggergirl said...

I have bad ankles too. They give way when ever they feel like it, usually while going up and down stairs ( which is why i avoid the stairs like the plague).

Hope the hand thing goes away quickly!


Krissy said...

Soapbox.. I didn't try that, but I'm sure they wouldn't have appreciated that at work. :)

Jimmy.. OMG! I almost broke my kneecap when I came in from a smoke break, and my Dad was trying to help me up the 2 steps from the porch. Caught my crutch on the kick plate and swung my foot out of the way only to land flat on my knee. So I can imagine how your ordeal was.

Lottie.. We are two peas in a pod then. Those stupid opposable thumbs are hard to heal!

John.. I was supposed to get instructions? They gave them to me at pre-op told me to use them across the room, up one step, and that was it! Stairs SUCK with crutches.

CBG.. I think our ankles were cut from the same cloth. Never fails mine will pop and/or buckle, especially walking down stairs.


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