Friday, April 8, 2011

Open season... on fans?

I know many people have been excited about the opening of baseball season. (For those who don't care about baseball, this is not a baseball post.) Since I'm a Pirates' fan, then I have to show my excitement this time of the season, and pretty much ONLY this time of the season. Why is that, you ask? Because my Pirates have sucked for so long that it's pathetic. This time of year is pretty much the only time we have a winning record. Unfortunately, I know it won't last. Anyway....

I don't know how many of you may have heard about this, but I was so upset about it when I found out. A man named Bryan Stow went with friends to the season opener at Dodger Stadium to see the Dodgers play his favorite team, the San Francisco Giants.
Bryan is the one on the right.
While he was leaving the stadium, two guys jumped him from behind and proceeded to beat him even after he was unconscious. Apparently, Bryan and his friends had tried to ignore the guys who were heckling them but then they attacked. In case any of you are in the area, this is who they are currently looking for.
Bryan has been in a medically induced coma since the attack. They had to remove part of his skull to relieve the pressure. His father said that as of yesterday his temperature has come down and his vitals are stabilizing.  I hope and pray he comes out of this okay.

Bryan is a 42-year-old paramedic who was brutally attacked because two psychos thought this would be fun? He is usually the one helping people, and he was walking away from this idiotic behavior.
It just makes me so mad that these crazy ass punks are free on the streets of LA while he's in a hospital bed fighting for his life. Well, actually I hope that every Dodger fan in the city and surrounding areas are searching for them so much that they are having to hide to save their own lives. The reward is up to $100,000 now if you know of any bounty hunters who could help. Aren't I helpful?

I just can't imagine going to a game and feeling like you couldn't be safe. I've often been asked, especially by family who has never seen a live game except in Pittsburgh, if I wear my Steelers gear (or other team I root for) to games when the Steelers are the visitors. HELL YES, I do! And proudly! We get heckled sometimes, but it's usually good-natured fun. And we can usually get the upper hand on that stuff pretty quickly 'cuz we are just that damn smart. Plus, our boys give us a lot to brag about. But I've never been to a professional game whether it was hockey, football or baseball and not felt safe. (I have had that happen a time or two at minor league hockey games, but that's because the team we were playing against had crazy ass fans!) I will not stop wearing my teams' colors no matter where I go.

They are saying the Mayor wants them to crack down on violence and drinking at the stadium. Why do they always bring up the drinking? I'm sorry, but I don't think that's what caused this at all. A psycho is going to be a psycho whether you funnel beer down his throat or not. Do you agree? I honestly feel bad for Dodgers fans as these suspects were wearing their team's gear and making them all look like thugs. It's not right, and I'm glad to see they are all standing up for Bryan now.
They have set up a Facebook page to keep everyone informed of fundraisers and to gain support for Bryan. That's where I got all of the pictures on this post. Feel free to go see what they have going on, whether you are near the area or not. They have things you can do to help. Most of all keep Bryan in your thoughts. He did nothing but try to go and enjoy a baseball game with friends, and his life is forever changed because of it.

On that wonderfully cheerful note... Happy Friday everyone! I'll be having a drink for Bryan when I get home this evening. Cheers!

UPDATE: By the way, folks. Since these guys haven't been caught yet, we don't even know if alcohol was involved. So that statement by the Mayor was all speculation. I'm a drinker, but I don't drink at games. Not everyone does.


Oilfield Trash said...

I heard about this and it pissed me off that this happened. You could expect something like this to happen at a Raiders game in Oakland, but not a damn baseball game. What the hell is wrong with people these days.

Cake Betch said...

I heard about this on the radio. It's so messed up. I am all about rivalry and heckling, but not SERIOUS anger and physical attacks. Here in Ohio we'll trash talk Michigan all day long but I would never NEVER condone physically harming or seriously verbally abusing someone. Insanity! I hope they catch these punks and put them behind bars.

lyndylou said...

It's shocking to say the least but unfortunately there are some seriously f**ked up people out there. I hope they find them and they finally get their just deserts and I hope and pray that Bryan wakes up and recovers. If there was any fairness in the world it should happen.

Al Penwasser said...

What a horrible story. I can't believe how some "fans" act during games. There was even a "fan" at a Phillies game here last year who threw up on a girl in front of him (you may be shocked-shocked!-to learn he was drunk).
I just heard on the news this morning that Fenway Park wants to start serving mixed drinks at ballgames. Yep, that's all those knuckleheads need. While it's sad (and you shouldn't have to), I'd recommend NOT wearing apparel from the visiting team to games. Who needs to take crap from blotto asshats?
OK, since I'm Al, I can't finish on a serious note. So, here goes. Look on the bright side of being a Pirates fan. They may be awful, but you're guaranteed of having your Octobers free.

Krissy said...

OT.. This is something you would expect from the Raiders or even Flyers fans. But damn.. From listening to the radio they are saying Latino gangs are a problem around Dodger Stadium.

Betch.. I couldn't get over it either. I enjoy trash talking, but this is an entirely different thing than a REAL fan would do, in my opinion.

Lyndy.. We can only hope what you say comes true!

Al.. I don't drink beer so Fenway is probably trying to get money from those like me who might drink if they had mixed drinks, but I get your point. The majority of the games I get to attend my team is the visiting team since I live so far from Pittsburgh. I'll be damned if I won't wear my colors proudly. Although I must say, there are ALWAYS a bunch of Steelers fan no matter where I go. As to your Pirates comment, October is for football and hockey in my world. *sigh*

A Redhead Named Sam said...

I hadn't heard about this yet. How sad. :( I'll send getting-well-quickly vibes out to Bryan. Thanks for the heads-up.

Abby said...

Considering I took this afternoon off to watch the Tiger's home opener, you know I've been following this on ESPN as well. Bottom line? Some people suck--big time. I hate that it happened at a sporting even because then people assume all fans are ridiculous.
I have been to a zillion sporting events and have never felt unsafe. Ticked off and sometimes intimidated, but never unsafe.

This is such an unfortunate event and my thoughts and prayers go out to all those involved. (And my thoughts go out to you as well, being a Pirates fan and all. At least hockey playoffs start soon!)

kitkat said...

its really sad :/
i hope they track down the thugs

Krissy said...

Sam... Thanks for sending out good thoughts for him. I'm worried that something so senseless is going to be devastating.

Abby.. Yes, I am all about the playoffs, being a Pirates fan and all. I'm going to ignore that it was a dig for your Tigers. :) Yes, this whole thing is crazy, and it makes me mad that even Dodger fans are going to get this reputation now.

kitkat.. Welcome to my blog! I hope they get them, too. Unfortunately, the punishment won't fit the crime.

Jewels said...

Ouch! Zing on the Flyers fan there in OT's comment. We aren't that bad! Promise...okay well some of them are but the majority aren't.

This is horrific. There are a good amount of these issues here in Philly and it's never okay. It's always wrong and scary and horrible for the family and victims. There are some bad seeds everywhere and drunk or not violent people don't know how to walk away. I hate to see that happen anywhere, in any sport forum, when all people really go for is to have a good time. It's so sad.

Krissy said...

Jewels... I think we know better, hon. I love you but the Flyer fans are generally crazy as hell. LOL.. I told a good friend of mine today that going to see a Pens/Flyers game in Phillie is the only place that might scare me, but I'd still wear my colors. It's sad that ANY fan should be scared or have to worry about where they are going to watch a game.

Mrs. Tuna said...

Gosh that's awful, I'll be thinking good thoughts.

Krissy said...

Thanks, Mrs. Tuna.

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