Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Snapshots to learn by

Okay, so I've been slack and haven't gotten out to take some awesome pictures with the new camera like you all have been wanting to see. I snapped some the other day though that I figured I'd share. I was just playing around with some settings and seeing how fast it could click pictures of Bailey doing cute things. You can tell with the pictures of her that I got several before she ran off which normally would have been one crappy picture and she would have been gone. I really can't get over how much bolder the colors are and how much more detail you can see with these.
Her majesty in her favorite spot in the house...

Can you tell she was getting aggravated with me?
(Now don't look at the window. That's what pollen and rain do to the outside in the spring around South Carolina. I refuse to clean it, though I did clean the inside for these pictures.)

Just some things I went outside and clicked....
My Jeep.. which was officially all mine as of November... with the new tires.
We like the Steelers and Penguins just a tad. You aren't even seeing the inside. :)
Everything is starting to bloom.. slowly but surely.

Stupid vine keeps trying to choke out my bushes...
Anyway, like I said, I'm just figuring the camera out. I need to go down to the river or the park to get some better shots to see what it can do. I just wanted to take a few outside the other day to see how they would look. I'm loving this camera!

Hope you all are having a great week. I'll try to get a "real" post out tomorrow.


Tony Van Helsing said...

Nice dog, nice Jeep, nice house, nice street. Whole lotta nice.

Oilfield Trash said...

Love the pics of your dog. And I REALLY LOVE what you did with your Jeep. LOVE IT!!!!

vickilikesfrogs said...

Bwaaaha, the second to last picture of Bailey looks like she's saying, "Are you still fucking around with that camera, woman? Get me some damn kibble!"


Armand Cordero said...

loverly dog !

A Cappelli said...

Aww, Miss Bailey looks so pretty!

Robyn said...

She is a gorgeous and unique looking majesty.

Cheeseboy said...

Handsome looking dog and great pics. Dig the Steelers gear.

Average Girl said...

Her Majesty is quite spectacular looking... I love her colours.

And I too am a Jeep girl... Although mine is fire engine red!

Pearson Report said...

Great shots Krissy!
It's fun playing with a new camera - and it takes time!
Your idea of trying the settings is smart - it's the best way to get the most out of your camera.

I love taking pictures, but before I really knew my camera and all it could do I think my pictures lacked a little something. (if they lack anything now it's my lack of talent at taking a picture and I can't blame my camera for that!)

It's one thing to be able to tweak them in the various photo programs that are out there. But doing it right at the source in the camera settings, is the best.

Have tons of fun and keep those photos of Bailey coming - what a cutie!

Smiles from Jenny!

Krissy said...

Tony.. Thank you for all of that. I have a lot to be thankful for, honestly. It's been a lot of hard work though.

OT.. I knew you'd love the Jeep. I kinda took those for you. :) There's more you can't see in the pictures.

Vicki.. Doesn't she though? That's why I included that picture. LOL

Armand.. Welcome to my blog! Thanks.

Amy.. Thank you. That face just makes me smile. I think I'll keep her. :)

Robyn.. Those pictures don't do my girl justice, but thank you. :)

Cheeseboy.. Thanks! I can never have enough Steelers stuff.

AG.. Her colors and speckles are what snatched my heart when I met her. :) Glad to know you are a Jeep girl, too! More to love about ya, girlie.

Jenny.. I'll have fun figuring it out. I think I'm going to take a class once my "real" school is over. At least that will be a class I enjoy. I don't usually use those touch-up programs. You get what you get on my pictures unless I'm adding effects like words or something. Glad you like Bailey's pictures!

Nicki said...


Cake Betch said...

Cute pup :-)

Aren't you so glad that spring is right around the corner? I'm not totally sure what the weather in SC is like but I have not enjoyed the past few months here in Ohio.

Sandra said...

Love how the dog is trying to ignore you by gnawing on the bone. That's universal canine language for: you're pissing me off woman!

becca said...

great pics and i love that you went around snapping random photos i did that to when i got my new camera it's fun. thanks for sharing

bettyl said...

Looks like the camera works great! Pics of the pooch are adorable.

Anonymous said...

The camera appears to be working fantastically! And Bailey is, as always, adorable.

Krissy said...

Nicki.. Thanks! I love my Jeep.

Cake Betch.. It's been pretty nice here except for about a week of cold rainy weather we had. It's gorgeous today!

Sandra.. Yeah, Bailey is good at that "you're pissing me off woman" face. Although it's usually accompanied by barking.

becca.. Thanks! I enjoyed snapping them with a camera I didn't have to wait for.

bettyl.. Welcome to my world! Thanks for the compliments. My pooch is focused on a lot around here.

Sam.. I think the camera is pretty awesome! I'm glad you think my girl is as adorable as I do. :)


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