Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bringing in the New Year the way Dr. Oz intended

I see I have gotten more followers since the New Year weekend. Welcome to you all, and I'm so glad you are here! I seriously think I need to go away more often since I have more than doubled my readership since the holidays. I still don't know what to call you all yet, because Taureans just isn't right, since you aren't all Taurus-like. I need some help with this one, seriously.

I had a pretty great New Year with my family. Several of us have been talking about trying out wines lately since Dr. Oz says it's good for the heart and lungs, and who doesn't want to take care of their tickers and breathing apparatus? I mean, hey. Who am I to go against a doctor who tells me to drink?
If someone could help me find a glass this size, you'd be my BFF!

Although I do try to block from my mind that he got his start with Oprah because, after all, she is the Devil! I am so glad she's going off the air. I don't think I could take one more story from Mom about what she saw on Oprah that day that is what Mom was able to equate to the problem with me. According to Oprah, I have so many conditions that you all should stay far away from me.

But wait! Don't run off now. We all know Oprah is full of herself and it's everyone else with the issues, right? RIGHT? Okay, you don't have to agree with me, but it would be nice. Just sayin'...

Let's press on and get back to Dr. Oz because I love him. He's already managed to get it through my head that I don't need to diet. I just need to be healthy. My sister and I are getting back on track with following his advice on things now that the holidays are behind us. My nephew and his wife are going to do the same, so we have an encouragement chain going. It's so much easier to do when you know you aren't in on this mission alone.

I'll give you my food advice that I've gathered from him another day, when I think you all are already bored are interested in hearing it. For now I'll tell you about our wine experiment a bit. I thought it would be fun to ring in the New Year with a little wine tasting of our own so I brought over 4 different kinds of wine. I wasn't sure how it would go over, but everyone who was interested in starting to drink wine was all for it. This would include my mom, my oldest sister, and 2 of my nieces. Yes, they are of age even though I'm a young pup! Yes, I AM a young pup, no matter what those sisters of mine will tell you. (Psst! They are all OLDer!)

My dad even had a sip or two, and just so you know my parents don't drink. Dad was worried he shouldn't drive though we assured him that a couple of sips 5 or 6 hours before he was to drive us all home safely was not a hazard in a man who is 6'3" and over 200 pounds. Thank God, since the rest of us were in NO condition to drive. I must say that playing pool, air hockey, and ping pong after having a wine tasting and then switching to my lover favorite beverage Captain Morgan can be a blast! I think a good time was had by all. I don't think my competitive father was too happy about losing to intoxicated individuals, since he can't stand to lose EVER. (Thus the reason for me buying him a shirt this Christmas that said, "Winning isn't everything, it's just what I do.")
So the next time you are thinking of having a beverage, or not thinking about it, do it anyway and choose wine! Dr. Oz says it's good for us so it must be. He wouldn't lie to us like that Oprah woman!

By the way, we tried Woodbridge Moscato and then three of the Yellow Tail Australian wines - Merlot, Pinot Grigio, and Shiraz. Although, now that I think about it, we didn't make it to the Shiraz. But of the others we tried, we enjoyed the Moscato the most. My niece even had a recipe for a "Lolita" that combined the Moscato with the Captain and it was awesome! I must admit I had to put a splash of Sprite into the Merlot to drink all of mine. Does that make me sound redneck? Oh, maybe I should send that one to Jeff Foxworthy. Would I get royalties for that? "You might be a Redneck if you make a Spritzer out of a really good Merlot." Would some rednecks even get that?

Anyway... We are thinking of taking a wine-tasting class together, if we can find one we can all attend together since they live in another town. I can't be driving after a wine tasting, after all. That would not be the "healthy" effect Dr. Oz wanted me to get.
Does anyone have any advice on wines? I basically know nothing, so you have a clean slate to brainwash educate.


Oilfield Trash said...

Glad you had a great holidays.

AmberLaShell said...

I know nothing about wine.. i drink vodka... I have never watched dr oz, but on thanksgiving my grandma said, "that's what dr oz says" at least 10 time, so I refused to watch him. I don't want to go through life like that... Great post though, and he is probably better than I give him credit for...


LottieSpartacus said...

Glad to see you trying Australian wines, although Yellow Tail is probably one of the worst out of all our wines (no-one in Australia drinks it - we just export it to the US).

I am all for medicinal wine consumption - although I thought it was mostly the reds that were good for you??!!

twilightgazing said...

Happy New Year! What an awesome idea for New Years Eve, I might have to pinch this idea. And such sensible advice from Dr Oz. One of my favourites is The Black Chook Sparkling Shiraz, from South Australia, discovered on a trip to the winery with Mynx! Maybe we should start a cross-continent wine tasting review :), I mean we do have to keep healthy.

Mynx said...

It might be Yellow tail, but please, you didnt really put sprite in a merlot? Oh dear girl, gonna have to get you out here and into some serious training to respect an Aussie Red.
I can understand you enjoying a moscato, sweet while the reds would be drier. See if you can find some Banrock Station. They export to the US and thier wines are lovely. You might enjoy a white shiraz. Lovely, pale pink and sweeter than some.
Hugs Darln & happy new year


Secret Pleasures

lyndylou said...

Banrock Station is very very yummy and did I read right? Sprite in Merlot..... sacrilege! I love love love red wine but I am in no way an expert!!!

Happy New Year and did you see I gave you an award?


John McElveen said...

Being in medicine for 30 years, (and taking it longer than that-LOL) almost all- or any Alcohol (IN MODERATION) has been shown to be helpful- on the Heart..etc!. The Anti-oxidants are the key--so just find a wine you like!

Have you ever wondered if He is the WIZARD of OZ???? OK--lame I know--but He and Dr Philofhimself, did start on the QUEENS Site/show! I think she has too much influence, but that's just me!

Now-she has an ENTIRE NETWORK!!!

World Beware!


caterpillar said...

I have no idea about wines....and how we identify the taste of different wines....but glad to know you guys had fun...have a great year ahead...

becca said...

i don't drink due to health issues but i like your thought on healthly living instead of dieting

Jimmy said...

Nothing wrong with healthy living, like Becca I like your outlook on doing this rather than worrying about dieting, I did have a Doctor ask me if I drank wine when I said I usually drink a beer or two he told me to drink at least two a night.

No expert on wine but the beer is good Ha Ha

Alessandra said...

I like red wine better than white, but that as far as I go with my knowledge on this subject. However, I love Dr. Oz, he's so right on about so much stuff. His site has so much info. Ok, I like Dr. Phil too, but I swear I've never watched Oprah more than 2 days in a row...

Krissy said...

@OT.. Thanks! Hope you did, too.

@Amber.. I have always been a liquor drinker, vodka and Captain being my favorites. Dr. Oz really does have a lot of great stuff, and he came up a lot at our family functions, too.

@Lottie.. What Australian wines would you suggest? I have been meaning to try that one with the Penguin on the bottle. Mainly because I love Penguins, but I think that's Australian, too. It probably is the reds, but hey, I'm just drinking like the doc told me to. :)

@Twilight.. Happy New Year! Feel free to use the idea. I'll have to see if we have that wine around here and try it. That would be awesome to compare across continents!

@Mynx.. Yes, I am ashamed to say I put sprite in the Merlot. It just had a bit too much bite for my taste. I'd love to go there so you could show me the ropes! :) I'll look for that one that you suggested. I did buy a Shiraz, but I think it was Yellow Tail. Hugs and Happy New Year!

@lyndy.. I know, I know! I am a baby at learning wine though. Happy New Year and thank you for my award! I'm going to post on it today. I was so tickled to see it!

@John.. Thank you for solidifying the Dr's orders. :) I like you already! I think Dr. Oz is the best thing to come out of Oprah, and I will be nowhere near her network. I had a soft spot for Dr. Oz before he was on Oprah because he promotes the use of DHA which my company makes.

@caterpillar.. Have a great year yourself! Maybe I'll be sharing my wine education more as I taste my way through the spectrum.

@becca.. Amen! It's all about getting healthy, and losing the weight will only help with that.

@Jimmy.. Thanks! Dr. Oz has changed my mindset, and I like it. It's much easier to keep focused that way. I had a friend who had trouble with cholesterol and his doctor told him to drink 2 beers per day.

@Alessandra.. I have always liked white wines better, but I haven't had much exposure to good wines yet. You're right that Dr. Oz's site is sooo information filled!

Jess said...

I, too, can't stand Oprah. She annoys me with her fake over-enthusiasm about EVERYTHING.

I like Doctor Oz, but I can't watch him because I have anxiety and every topic he covers eventually works around in my head so that I'm convinced I have symptoms. I know, it's ridiculous.

I've never been a wine drinker. I don't know if I just don't have a taste for it, or if I've only been given awful wines.

Miley said...

OK, I was going to comment from my own words and crap but Jess basically said everything I was going to say.
Except the part about being paranoid about medical conditions. I don't have that. I actually HAVE the medical conditions ;)

Krissy said...

@Jess.. Amen to the Oprah comment. I can understand why you don't watch Dr. Oz then. You'll just have to check my blog for encouraging things I get from him then. :) The wine thing could be both a preference and awful wines in the past.

@Miley.. That's why I don't usually read other people's comments before I comment on a blog. LOL Same reason I don't read other students' responses when I am doing a discussion board assignment for school. I'm sure your crazy self is convinced of that last comment. :)

Wine Tasting Australia said...

A wine tasting class is a great idea.

Anonymous said...

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