Friday, January 14, 2011

Crazy As a Loon

Dear Crazy As a Loon,

You have been in my life for a long time, and you have hurt many people that I love and care about. But, ya know what? I am done! Your words will no longer get my blood pressure up because you are not worth my time.

Your actions will definitely no longer surprise me because I hope to not have to hear about them anymore. I'm very grateful that at this point you can no longer breed anymore, however. Although I love all of your children, we don't get to pick our family so they are never to blame for what you do. They will all come to know the person you are as they get older.

I have heard the word selfish thrown around many times in my life and aimed at many people, including myself. I know that I am nothing like you, and I never thought anyone could be at the level of selfishness that you are. Of course, you have surpassed all of my expectations in so many ways that I can't even describe it here.

While there is no need to air our dirty laundry on the internet, I felt the need to get my basic thoughts down in black and white to get this off my chest. I always feel better after doing so, even if it's just to my blogging friends. Sometimes they give the best perspectives simply because they aren't in the situation to begin with.

I feel sorry for the next person you feel you need to lie to because we haven't bought your crap for a long time now. Trust is something you have to have with loved ones, and that we lost long ago. So enjoy your life and we will happily enjoy ours. It's funny but events are so much less stressful without you around, which we have come to discover recently. If you had only tried to learn to take care of those who depend on you, your life could have been so much different. Good luck!

Very sincerely,

A Fiercely Loyal Taurus Who Has Been Pushed too Far

We will now return you to your regularly scheduled blogs, and this one will return to the fun-loving one you are used to now that the Taurus has gotten that out of her system. :)


lyndylou said...

I have a one or two family members who fit the bill of this post!!!!! I totally feel for you but after a while you just have to walk away from all their drama cos they can never see any further than the end of their nose so you are fighting a losing battle.


Hope you are feeling better after getting it off of your chest :)

Oilfield Trash said...

3/4 of my family fits that description.

Bouncin' Barb said...

Very powerful words. Sometimes they just have to be said.

Jumble Mash said...

It's awesome that you are getting away from someone like that. I have a friend that fits a similar description and if it weren't for her children, I would have stopped talking to her a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Glad you got this off of your chest, but don't apologize to us! If we can be here for the fun/happy posts, we can be here for the serious/irritated posts too. *hugs* This is -your- blog after all...write what you want. :)

And I completely agree that sometimes an outside perspective is just what you need to get a handle on something.

Krissy said...

Thanks so much for all of the support, everyone. I couldn't think of anything to post until after I got that out. Now ideas are flowing.. kinda. :) I appreciate all of you and your words of encouragement. It just needed to be done.

Anonymous said...

I guess it's the season for just letting things out! I did the same thing basically last night.

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