Saturday, January 8, 2011

Screwy Street... My Half-Assed Weekend Post

I've decided to jump on the Simple Dude's bandwagon and try my hand at his "My Half-Assed Weekend Post."

I am all about editing and criticizing pointing out stupid things in movies and the world that aren't right. You know, like a car going around a corner in a high-speed chase with a dent down the side of the car, and when they go around the next corner, no dent. Those types of things drive me bananas! I really need a job as an editor and/or researcher, so speak up if you know where I can find one.

Anyway, I've posted before about things that I've seen in my world or on TV that are not right like in my "Something's Wrong with this Picture" post. Most of you weren't around back then so check it out. It's short and sweet, but if you're anything like me (and you must be to be here and reading this), you'll enjoy it.

To get to my point, there is this town near mine that I have to go to on occasion because they have a Walmart and we don't. The quickest way to get to many of the things in that town that I want to see is through a bad neighborhood, so I don't dilly-dally in that area. But, as I was driving out of that town one day, I happened to glance down a side street (because you don't want to be caught looking at the drug dealers) and saw something that amused me.
Now, as you can see, this is a one-way street. Why the hell is there a stop sign at the other end? Is it because they KNOW crackheads are going to be driving the wrong way down this street, and they want to make sure they know not to just drive across the other street? I'm sorry, but that just gave me a chuckle. And I love all of my followers, but I am NOT stopping beside two crack houses to take a picture. I really don't know what you all would do without me if the drug dealers shot me because they think I'm a narc. Well, not that I think your lives would be devastated or anything, but it's nice to think you'd at least notice if I was gone. There are many ways I've thought of leaving this world, but being killed trying to get a picture for my blog is not one of them!


Bouncin' Barb said...

The roads in SC are the screwiest, stupidest and I would love to meet the zoning and street planners. OMG don't get me started. So true.

becca said...

great post

Simple Dude said...

a year ago or so they changed a bunch of one-way streets in downtown Minneapolis to two-way streets and it has completely screwed up traffic. I work on one of those streets and it pissed me off on a weekly basis.

Thanks for half-assing your weekend!


AmberLaShell said...

ha! that sounds like something stupid they would do here in dallas. I do think we would notice you were gone. So, thanks for not stopping to get a picture between the crack houses!

Oilfield Trash said...

Great post.

lyndylou said...

yeah I am really glad you didn't stop to take a picture too although I have heard that you have to suffer for your art, but getting killed is maybe pushing it a bit!!! lol

Anonymous said...

Probably wasn't always a one way street.

John McElveen said...

I HAVE to agree with Bouncin Barb as the merge and exits on a 70 mph Interstate are within 50 feet of each other!

I totally agree with you--and the "Continuity" people in movies are less than stellar!!

Great stuff!


Chief aka Dad said...

I'd notice that you were missing :-)

Krissy said...

Thanks to everyone who liked my post!

@Barb.. They can be very screwy, but I must say I've seen strange ones in other states, too. At least I know my own state's screwiness.

@SD.. We don't have many one way streets here, but that just tickled me. I can imagine they would get aggravating. I've gone the wrong way down them in bigger cities b/c I wasn't expecting it. Yikes!

@Amber.. Awww thanks! That's comforting.

@lyndy.. That's a little too much suffering for my taste!

@Adorkable.. Probably right, but who knows.

@John.. Right? I need that job!

@Chief.. Awww, thanks! I feel special now. :)

Nicki said...

I love that crack dealers paint their house pink. If I owned a crackhouse, I totally would.

Krissy said...

LOL Nicki! I would think they'd want to be more under the radar, but I guess they need to be bright so they stand out to the crackheads. Never thought about it until you said that. :)


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