Thursday, January 20, 2011

A day in the life... of Bailey

Bailey had such a hard day yesterday that you just wouldn't even imagine. First, I took her outside when I got home from work and apparently she thought it was way too quiet. So she barked down toward one end of the street..

And then barked to the other end of the street to get a stereo effect going...

She is so fierce! Of course, everyone in the neighborhood was very impressed by the time we went inside, especially the other dogs who were singing her praises long after we were gone. 

I went into my room to change clothes, where of course, she decided it was wrestling time! Granted, this is kind of a daily routine with us, but she was in rare form last night.
This is her "you should be very scared" face. I couldn't quite get one with her cutting her eyes at me. 

She's really getting mad at me at this point. Can ya tell? 

My neighbor ended up coming over to ask if we wanted to go to the park. There's a park not too far away where they have recently made it so we can close all of the gates. Bailey and I hadn't been yet, but I knew she would love being able to run free so we went. I left those pictures at home on the camera so you'll just have to imagine her running her legs off so hard that her tongue was pretty much hanging on the ground by the time she was done. She had the best time, and the park is going to be seen a lot in our future.

When we got home, she drank a whole bowl of water (and yes, I made a mental note to take water to the park next time, so don't nag me about it!). This was her the rest of the night. 

And when she needed a change, she looked like this at my feet.

I think I can see now what I need to do on nights when I have homework to do, and I don't want her to be barking at me all night. That park is now officially a dog park for us! Suffer, neighbors. Bailey is here to stay. Wasn't that a rough day? It sure wore her out. She packed a lot of stuff into her evening.

Now, Jumble Mash is having a really cool giveaway over there, so go check her out and get yourself entered! You'll enjoy being over there anyway, because she is one cool chica. So cop a squat and stay awhile. You have to to enter anyway. 

And don't forget about my giveaway. It's not as cool as hers, but you can enter on the post I put up yesterday


Anonymous said...

She's such a cute dog!! I love being able to wear out my little monsters so they sleep like dog-shaped rocks. ;)

When the weather warms up here (sometime in 2013, I think) - I'll make sure to take some more pics of my monsters for the blog. I realize I've only posted one lonely picture!

Jumble Mash said...

AWwww I can't wait until the snow melts so my doggy can go play. We still let him outside but he hates the snow and comes right back in. Poor guy.

And thanks for the mention!! Two more entries for you!

Krissy said...

Sam.. Thank you! It's wonderful, isn't it? If you ever feel like, you can do a guest post here about your babies. You can wait until you have pictures if you want to put them in. Just a thought..

JM.. Bailey loves the snow! Of course, she is such a water dog and snow is wet. She's not picky. LOL Yay, for my 2 more entries! :)

Oilfield Trash said...

Cute dog.

The dog needs a steelers jersey shirt though to be complete.

StephanieC @ Seriously?? Really? Seriously? said...

Bailey is super-cute.

Be careful after exercise... if dogs drink too much they can get bloat, I think. We have to be careful with our Dane with bloat and torsion (I think that is what it's called).

Is she a cattle-type doggy?

I love it when they totally cash out at the end of the day. I often feel like that, too. lol.

Bouncin' Barb said...

Great pics. Good exercise for her. Sounds like a great park

Krissy said...

OT.. She has one and a bandanna. She always tries to get them off or chew them up though, so I have to watch her. She's not a prissy dog who likes to have frills at all.

Stephanie.. Thank you. I didn't know that, so I'll have to Google it. She has always been a big drinker. She's a mutt, but yep the vet thinks she's a Red Heeler or Australian Cattle Dog. She herds me all the time!

Barb.. It is a great park. I'm so glad they enclosed it! She will run until she can't run anymore when she is free from a leash. I'm tired of people telling me she's fat so she needs the exercise.

Average Girl said...

JR's are the greatest. I love rough housing my inlaw's little JR! Bailey is a cutie and good for you for giving her the play time she needs. I "beat up" Fred every night, which means, that basically he takes a round out of me. Not bad for a little 17 pounder daschund!

becca said...

bailey is cute

Anonymous said...

I remember when I had my aunt's dog over for a few days to watch after and he was fun! I wore him out with walks and playing with his chew toys. Thankfully he is a chihuahua so I could do most of that inside without worry of breaking anything.

He did pee on the couch the first hour he was over though.

Krissy said...

Average Girl.. Thanks! I always come out with more bruises and cuts with Bailey happier than ever when we wrestle. That's good for your Daschund to exercise like that though because if they get overweight on their short statures, it's not good.

becca... Thanks!

Adorkable.. Oh, I hate it when animals pee on the furniture! Bailey did that one time when she was really young, but she was only about 8 weeks old I think. I'm glad you had fun with him though.

Anonymous said...

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