Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Redecorating with a giveaway!

My house needs a serious makeover in the furniture department. My living room furniture is ancient, my bedroom furniture has needed to be replaced for some time, and I need a new washer and dryer. Where do I begin? I've heard those steam washer and dryers are awesome, so when I get a new set (which will probably be soon) that's probably what I'm going to go with. I've heard the dryer finishes faster than the washer! I've got to see that to believe it.

I've been looking at furniture off and on for several months, but I couldn't be as lucky as my sister. She found a sectional at a garage sale for like $100! It's beautiful, too. She was actually there looking for other things with my niece and saw it. I just don't get lucky like that.
My bedroom needs some serious help too, and I'm thinking I don't sleep well because I need a new mattress. I was dating this guy once who had a mattress that felt like you were sleeping on a cloud. I swear, you hardly even felt the thing touching you.

The folks at CSN Stores has given me a $20 gift certificate to give to one of my awesome followers as my very first giveaway! This doesn't include shipping, but some of their stuff has free shipping anyway. They have over 200 sites that you can use it on, and you can go check out their modern furniture. In order to enter, just tell me down there in the comments what room you purchased furniture for last or if you managed to get a good deal somewhere.

Good luck! I hope to get some pointers from some of you decorative people.


becca said...

good luck with the decorating and how sweet to been given a gift.great post

Oilfield Trash said...

Good luck.

I am also in serious need of everything new for my ghetto home. But I am not in such a hurry as I live in the ghetto and no women come over. So yea.

Jumble Mash said...

Hey I'm doing a giveaway, too! HEHE.

I have NEVER purchased furniture. I take hand me downs. (thanks Dad) Nice ones, but still they are used.

The Adorkable Ditz said...

I think when I finally move out and get my own place, I think this will be one of the hardest things. I have absolutely no sense of decor so that will be a challenge.

And Shut. Up. How is it even possible for a dryer to finish before a washer?!


Krissy said...

becca.. Thanks! Do you want to be entered?

OT.. Does that mean you don't care about my giveaway then? LOL

JM.. I have done that with so much in my life. In fact, my washer and dryer were Mom and Dad's so this will be the first time I've purchased these brand new.

Adorkable.. You'd be surprised how your style will just take form when you get your own place. You'll be all about putting your stamp on it, even if you don't know what that stamp is at the moment. About the dryer, I know right?! That's why I said I have to see that! Supposedly that steam is really awesome.

A Redhead Named Sam said...

Since My-Boy and I have not only (a) recently moved in together but (b) moved to a new state with NO furniture...our place looks a lot like a college dorm room. However, we did find the awesomeness that is IKEA and have purchased a bed, 2 nightstands and a dresser in the Malm series. I love their designs and I love their prices even more. XOXOXOXOXOXOX

Good luck!

Have you checked for your area? It's a lot more efficient, IMO, than garage sales and you can still haggle!!

The Tame One said...

We FINALLY moved up to a king from a Queen mattress last year at this time. The rest of my furniture is a lot of gifts and/or hand me downs from my parents. Oh to have new furniture....

twilightgazing said...

Fun times! I just love going furniture shopping.

Krissy said...

Sam.. Thanks for the ideas. I'll check it out.

Tame One.. I wish I could have a King, especially since Bailey started sleeping with me. She's a bed hog, but my bedroom is not big enough to go bigger right now. I had a lot of hand me downs at times too, but I will have new living room furniture again soon.

twilight.. Good, then you go find what I want and let me know where it is. :)

Chief aka Dad said...

I buy furniture based on what my girls need....when they need a couch...I buy me a new one and give them what I currently have :-) In July I bought two new living suites and a new bedroom suite. If you're looking at a new mattress...check out latex mattresses...I bought one last year, most comfortable bed I've ever slept on!

Krissy said...

Wow, Chief. No wonder JM is so spoiled.. I mean, why you are such a great Dad! :) I've never heard of latex mattresses, so I'll have to check on that.

Jimmy said...

We had to go from a king to a queen size when we moved to Ca, so I think that was the last thing we bought, The kids made out like bandits when we moved as we gave them almost all the furniture we owned.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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