Monday, December 13, 2010

Did I mention it's freakin' cold outside?!

While we are all freezing our ta-tas and cha-chas off outside, I thought I would give you all this visual. I found this cartoon somewhere several years ago, and I keep it on my peg board at work. (I think it was actually in a safety magazine.)

But anyway.... I must say that while I am shivering in the smoking area at work, if I hear one more person who walks by saying, "Wow, you are really dedicated!" I'm going to stab them with a letter opener. Do they not realize that the only thing we are dedicated to is keeping them alive and not going to jail for killing them? I mean, we smoke outside for their health, right? And if I didn't smoke sometimes, I would really want to go after some people with an office tool. So what would you think is the real dedication? Please think of this the next time you are walking into a nice warm, comfy building and being "cute" to the poor smokers who are standing outside.

This PSA was brought to you by the Talkative Taurus. She only asks that you be nice to your fellow men and women who are smokers, as being anything but nice could cause you physical harm. You might even want to thank them!


Oilfield Trash said...

I love that picture.

Krissy said...

Thanks! I knew someone would appreciate it. :) Thanks for becoming a follower too, btw! I was so excited to see that.

Dad said...

Great cartoon!

Krissy said...

Thanks! How's the ass? I mean, your ass.. not the ex or her hubby. :)

Bouncin' Barb said...

That cartoon is priceless. As for the smoking out in the comment (reformed smoker here).

Krissy said...

No problem, Barb. I noticed others didn't either, and that's fine. I just get tired of getting preached at, ya know? I get enough of that from my Dad, and he and I are close.

bruce said...

nice 'toon...

and nice sentiments exactly!!
bruce johnson jadip
stupid stuff i see and hear
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Krissy said...

Thanks, bruce! How did I know you would feel the same? :)

colenic said...

Wandered over from Mynx- love this post. Those people annoy me- those who think it's funny to make comments while people are smoking...I have taken to smoking in my car because I just don't want to deal with it anymore....

Mynx said...

I actually feel rather sorry for you guys out there in the cold. Not sorry enough to have you smoke in my airspace, but I am not going to give you crap for the choices you make.
Love the cartoon too. Very funny.

Krissy said...

@colenic.. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you decide to stick around! We can't smoke in our cars. Because of chemicals we have on site, we have to smoke in designated areas. I wish we could! Sometimes it really drives me crazy that we have become second-class citizens.

@Mynx.. We appreciate people like you! And I've always loved that cartoon, so I thought you would all enjoy it.

Nicki said...

I had a smoker friend tell me that he loved going out to smoke because his fellow smokers were some of the coolest, non-judgmental people he knows. I say there's a hell of a lot in my life that people could judge me for, so who am I to judge anyone else?

AND WHO THE HELL THINKS that making those jokes or remarks like "Oh, out for another nail in the coffin" or "It'll give you cancer, you know" is actually going to change anyone's mind? I mean, if I'm dead set for voting for Ernie and you lecture me obnoxiously about Bert, does anyone think I'm really going to change my vote? No.

Although if Sesame Street really had elections, I'm pretty sure Snuffleupagus would win in a landslide.

Krissy said...

Exactly, Nicki! I had a guy once tell me, "You know smoking takes 7 years off of your life" or something to that effect. I jumped back with, "Yeah and it's the last 7 so who cares?" He was stunned I had that comeback ready and just walked off. He had no argument. Preaching at me will never get me to do what you want. :)

And amen, to Snuffleupagus! He'd get my vote.

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