Thursday, December 9, 2010

My dentist is hot!

Today I had the horrible job of going to see my dentist. Now normally, I would hate this almost as much as going to the gynecologist, but I had to change dentists about 2 years ago to a new guy because my dentist retired. Now it's not so bad, because my dentist is HOT!
I don't mean hot like I'd slap your momma to get some of that like this guy ...
I'd make Jason Statham take his shirt off, too!
But he's hot anyway. I kept trying to figure out the whole time I was there today how I could click a picture of him, but I couldn't come up with a good enough story to justify it. Everything I thought of made me sound like a stalker, and I've already been accused of that elsewhere. *Ahem!* 

He has the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen, and with the hint of gray at his temples, it just makes them shine all the more. He was in a chatty mood today, and it didn't hurt my feelings one bit as I got to sit there and practically drool on him. Good thing he couldn't read my mind. And I had an excuse for the drooling thing at a dentist's office. Right? (By the way, look up "drooling woman" on Google images and check out the crazy shit that will come up. What the...?)

As I was walking up, I did notice something that amused me though.
It's one thing to have the step painted yellow... and the banister... but did we really need the sign, too? There's one on the other side also! Obviously someone has tripped over this tremendously high and inconspicuous step before enough times that it prompted them to have to take all 3 measures (I'm hoping only one at a time) to make it more visible. Stupid people really amuse me sometimes. 

See, I told you I could write a post that didn't include animals! ... Oops! Dammit! 


Mynx said...

Lucky girl. My plumber is hot, much to hubby's amusement when I gt all tongue tied trying to describe the problem

Jumble Mash said...

That would definitely be incentive to go to the dentist! My BFF is my hygenist so I don't mind going at all. If she hurts me I tell her to cut it the hell out. And she gives me lolli pops all the time.

Krissy said...

Mynx, I have a friend in Australia who has a hot plumber. I wonder if it's the same one. Because you all are neighbors, right? :) By the way, you have a story in your email from me.

JM... I think I could tell this hygienist the same thing, and she's not my BFF. But I'm glad she got the job with the hot dentist since I followed her and some other friends there. But what the hell kind of dentist office gives out lollipops? I only get a toothbrush and toothpaste I won't even use. Well, and the added tingle from the hot dentist. :)

bruce said...

overkill is cuz of lawyers...and thats's all i's got's cuz it just goes down hill from that with the l word...
bruce johnson jadip
Evil Bruce
stupid stuff i see and hear

bruce said...

the captcha was hotiona..found that a bit funny

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