Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Various thoughts I have at the moment......

How many of you have a rush of foreign men who try to "friend" you on Facebook off and on? If you check out their profiles after they send you that gushing email about how gorgeous you are and about how much they want to find that one special person, you see they have very little on their profile except gullible women who have accepted. Guess what? I am NOT going to give you money, or a ticket to the US, or anything else. Buh-bye! There will be no Green card here, buddy. I've seen enough suckers who fall for that line, and this stubborn Taurus is not one of them.
Would never be my man, or sucker me into bringing him to my country or giving him money.

We have this sink at work that is crammed in between the vending machines and the ice machine. They built a long counter with another sink in the same room, but where we would have much more room to do things. Guess where everyone still washes their dishes and stuff? Yep! In that smaller sink that is cramped for space. I'll admit that I'm one of them, but we are used to that sink. 

Is it okay for us to use childrens' detangler on our hair? When I went to the store the other day, it was the only spray-on conditioner in the place. What is up with that? But my hair felt very soft today. 

Why do women who are baking on TV shows always have flour on their faces? Have you ever had that happen? I can't think of one time where I got flour on my face while I was cooking or baking. Just saying...

I have other thoughts, but I'll share them later. Have a great night, folks!


Mynx said...

I always have flour on my nose and on my butt where i wipe my hands. But i am a very messy cook lol

Krissy said...

Well, at least now I know it's not a strange thing. That's why we love ya, Mynx! You have done it all, woman. :)

J.Day said...

Oh Thank God I'm not the only one who gets those foreign dudes wanted citizenship. I used to be a pen pal with a guy in West Africa in high school and I was always wary of his true reasons for writing. Well, after several years of not writing, he found me on Facebook. I had to make a list of folks I want to be permanently "offline" to, and he's one of them! I kept getting emails and chats of whether or not I'm single or if any of my friends are single . . . CREEPY.

Krissy said...

I was beginning to think I was on my own with that one. Thanks for making me feel like I wasn't sticking out like a sore thumb! I had a friend on Facebook just bawling one night about this foreign stalker she had. What the...?? And thanks for stopping by, J.Day! I'm so tickled you came by to see me. :)

J.Day said...

I used to get more of them on MySpace, but I've gotten a few on Facebook. My thing is if I don't know you, I simply don't add you. lol Anytime. Whenever I have some spare time I start "blog hunting" so to speak. Or at least I have time to catch up with newer followers. Might take me awhile, but I show up eventually! lol

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