Friday, December 3, 2010

Things that irritate me...

Of course, these are just a few things that came to mind lately that I thought I'd share with you.

1. As many of you know, I am on the board for the animal shelter. People always feel the need to tell me great ideas for things we should be doing. However, they are not volunteering to DO these things. Well, I'm not having it. My neighbor was all fired up about how we need to educate people to spay/neuter their animals among other things. Great! Make a flyer for me with all the statistics and stuff for me to hand out at events we have. Right? Seriously. Did she expect me to go door to door and educate folks? Jump in and help, dammit!
Help me do these things! Don't just throw ideas out there. I can find those on the internet.

2. On a similar note, we have someone who has been helping the board who also comes up with great ideas for ME (specifically) to do. She called me today and this is how the conversation went. 

Her:  I talked to President today and offered to have the meeting on Monday night at my house!
Me: Great! It doesn't matter to me either way where we have it, but some people don't like us having meetings away from the shelter because that's the only opportunity they have to see the animals. But if you want to contact everyone to make sure that's okay, then it works for me.
Her:  Uhhhhh.... Well... Oh, I need to call everyone? 
Me: Well, this is Friday and we'd have to make sure they were all told because the location has been set since our last meeting.
Her: Ummmm.. My internet is down, and I'm not sure I have everyone's numbers.
Me: Whose don't you have? I can give you the numbers with no problem.
Her: Why don't we just go to the shelter and check things out for about 20 minutes and then go to my house? It's only a couple of blocks away.
Me: That's fine with me, but you should call Long Time Board Member to make sure it's okay with her because she was the one who told me about the complaints before. (Of course, my evil mind knows Long Time Board Member will probably talk her out of it.)

Needless to say, she wasn't happy that I put this right back on her. Why the hell should I have to call everyone to tell them we are changing the meeting place when you decide to tell me about this on Friday afternoon? I don't have much of a life, but geez! I would like to enjoy my weekend. And does it matter when she tells me? She's still the one who wanted to change the location. Am I right? I'm just saying....

3. I might as well throw in one more on the subject. I have people who call me for EVERYTHING concerning the shelter. Maybe I'm being too nice? I spent most of this week playing email and phone tag with a lady who knew a guy who wanted to adopt a bunch of dogs and cats for his farm. Explain to me why the hell he didn't just go up there to the shelter. Was all of that really necessary? Needless to say, he hasn't adopted any yet, and I'm sure I'll have to escort him there. 
Seriously? I have nothing better to do than hold your hand.

4. Ants all over my bathroom at 7 a.m. when I am getting ready to shower for work in DECEMBER! What the....?? I've never seen ants come inside when it's cold outside. Which brings to mind, where the hell do bugs go during the winter or do they all just die? I wish these ants had just died, but I'm doing my best to make that happen.
The ants obviously wanted some coffee to start their morning, but I don't know who the hell told them they could find it in the bathroom!

5. The taste of bug spray in the morning... or any time. Because there is no way to walk out of a small room after spraying it and not be able to taste it.
Not me.. I was not thrilled about battling bugs, nor am I ever.

I think that's enough for a Friday night. I'm having some cocktails while I go to read some blogs. But just to clarify, I LOVE helping the shelter and finding homes for the animals. It's the people I have to deal with sometimes that just drive me ape shit. 


Dad said...

The more I know people the better I like my Xbox :-)

Mynx said...

Lol, sounds like the way everybody who has a problem with the post office has to tell me about it. Especially my mum. And then i have to tactfully tell her that I really cant do anything about it as I havent yet been promoted to CEO. Arggghhh. Hate Ants, we get them when it is hot and when it is very wet. Probably get them if it snowed too, but we dont get snow so that hasnt happened yet.

Jumble Mash said...

Just hugged my dog. Reminds me of how bad people suck and how my dog is just so easy to please.

I've been seeing so many spiders in my house. I am so terrified to go into the bathroom because they are always in the bath tub. Yuck.

Bouncin' Barb said...

We just said that the older we get the more we like staying away from people! Xbox, Netflix, Internet are all we need.

bruce said...

the TuckMonster is a rescue dog. and he thanks you for waht you do...

i tried to use my blog to make moola for the shelter we got him from but...we all know that story...

god bless you for what you do, girl...

vent here, that is a part of bloggering...

loved the pics and captions as well..


stupid stuff i see and hear
bruce johnson jadip

Krissy said...

@ Dad.. That's understandable. I enjoy my Wii. :)

@Mynx.. LOL I can only imagine.

@ JM.. I'm glad the pup got a hug for that.

@ Barb.. I'm the same, only substitute my Wii for that XBox.

@ Bruce.. Awwww, thanks! And thank you for rescuing the TuckMonster. They are the best dogs! I thought about putting the link for our shelter's paypal account on here, but I haven't decided yet. It is a pitiful shelter and needs all of the help it can get.

Danger Boy said...

Thank you for your shelter work. 2 of our furry kids are shelter rescues.
Also, I recommend Joe Rogan's Comedy special "Monkeys from Space" (i think) for an excellent rant on how he deals with ants in his house. Hilarious.

Dad said...

Krissy, I've got someting for you over at Unsound Reasoning :-)

Krissy said...

@Danger Boy.. I appreciate the wonderful comments. It's hard sometimes when you are battling the county for the welfare of the animals, but we are trying really hard! I'll check out the one you told me to.

@Dad.. Awwww, thanks so much! I passed it on to Mynx and JM, but I love you for thinking enough to pay it back to me. And I was very pleased about your reason. How very "sound" of you. :) I'll head over there to comment as soon as I get done with my school work.

Fickle Cattle said...

Hahaha. People like that annoy me too, who say they are "thinkers" rather than "doers". You kind of want to throw a shoe at them just so they stop "thinking" of things for me to do.

Krissy said...

Amen, Cattle. And I guess we are kindred.. ummm, bovine? :) Glad to have you take the time to stop by with all of the followers you have!

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